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Scotland's first and only Personal Training and Physiotherapy Social Enterprise in Edinburgh.

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Whatever your goals are Personal Training and Physiotherapy can help…

Personal Training

With a lack of regulation in the Personal Training industry, finding the best personal trainer in Edinburgh for you can be tough.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or train for a triathlon, it’s important to address all areas of health and wellbeing. That’s why we don’t just focus on exercise and nutrition – we also look at your sleep, stress and your mindset.

The success we’ve achieved with our clients has been possible because we’ve helped them to find a long-term set of easy dietary habits based on improving body composition, health, and performance.


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Our approach to Physiotherapy is unique. We don’t just reduce pain and treat your injury — we do all we can to help make sure it doesn’t come back.

Our focus is on the quality of our treatments not on the number of patients we see. This is why we leave up to 60 minutes for each session if needed.

We aim to minimise the number of sessions that you need – making the transition from amazing short-term recovery to long-term sustainability as smooth as possible.


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We are a Social Enterprise

We are Scotland’s first Personal Training/Physiotherapy Social Enterprise. This means that all the profit we make from our amazing clients and patients goes towards subsidising the cost of working one-to-one with our stroke survivors who have been discharged from the NHS but are still amenable to rehabilitation.

We are passionate about highlighting the importance of mindset in promoting post-traumatic growth among our survivors and will be sharing their success stories soon.

We think the implications of sharing these stories are huge for helping others recover from debilitating conditions. We also believe that the social enterprise model could offer a new paradigm for physio and personal training companies to help a struggling NHS, through helping achieve preventative lifestyle interventions.


Health by Science Success Stories

Our series of short testimonials explore the real insights into our service for the most sought after health and fitness goals, from losing weight and putting on muscle, to physically and mentally performing at your best.

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“Without Health by Science's help, I’d still be playing around with fad diets, which never achieved anything sustainable.”

Brian Logan, Edinburgh

“I cannot recommend Health by Science enough. I very much doubt that I could have found a better personal training company to achieve my goals. Go on, give Health by Science a go, you have nothing to lose.”

Gordon Donald

“The training Health by Science provide is never boring and always challenges me whilst keeping my goals in mind. Whatever your physical goals or abilities, I am confident Health by Science can help you along the way.”

John Conlon