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Food and You

Improve your relationship with food.

Change your body. Get control of your health. Unlock the person you know you can.

Food and You

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Why choose Health by Science?

No fads. This is research driven.

Forget quick fix broken promises and ridiculous crash diets. We offer industry leading nutrition support and advice, in a friendly group environment.

Our semi-private nutrition coaching sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 people so that you learn and improve with the best most tailored advice to improve most efficiently.

Our Food and You sessions take place at on a number of days and times at Anytime Fitness, Canonmills, EH3 5Da. This class is for people who have tried various diets over the years but have been found it difficult to achieve anything sustainable. We use a Science-based, sustainable approach to weight loss by helping you to build a healthier relationship with food.

Just like our one-to-one service, our Food and You session are designed to help you improve your relationship with food so that you can lose weight, feel healthier and in control of your nutrition, as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Once you achieve your goals with Health by Science you can join a unique set of individuals who are now enjoying their health and fitness gains which they never thought would be possible. To get started today contact us here, or for more information read on.


If you’ve found yourself on numerous yo-yo diets over the years or if you’ve already lost a significant amount of weight on other programmes but have stalled, then our Food and You class are for you.

Good quality and reliable research on realistic weekly weight loss targets are practically non-existent, while the numbers quoted by many organisations appear to be completely made up.

However, Precision Nutrition has collected a large pool of data which suggests that men should be able to lose 0.56% and women 0.50% of their body weight each week. Taking into account such data and from our own experience, it appears weight loss is dependent upon your starting weight.

From our own results our female clients lose on average 1.1% and males 1.4% of their body weight each week and roughly 10lbs over 4 weeks. With the right coaching, application, commitment and a sustained positive lifestyle change, your goals can become a reality with Health by Science.