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Exercise After Stroke

Improve your mobility. Maximise your quality of life. Minimise your risk of secondary stroke.


FREE Physiotherapy Assessment (£5 a class thereafter)

60 minutes

  • Improve your confidence
  • Improve your mobility
  • Improve your indepedence

Let Us Tell You More

Why choose Health by Science?
No fads. This is research driven.

Suffering a stroke is a traumatic and often debilitating experience. If you do any exercise consistently, you can improve your performance in day to day life. However, if you stop you will lose it.

Stuart Maytham is a Physiotherapist and Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI) trainer. Currently, in their 15th year of voluntary work, we are committed to teaching stroke and other acquired injury survivors to gain better action control.



Our approach to stroke rehabilitation is dynamic, innovative and linked directly to the very latest neurorehabilitation evidence base.

Our main purpose is to not only improve the way you feel and perform in day to day life but to empower you to sustain these results and minimise the risk of a secondary stroke, whilst maximising your quality of life.

Our stroke survivor training supports the work of the hospital therapists by supporting YOU when your care pathway ends.

Whether you have recently been discharged from the NHS or suffered a stroke many years ago, you have the potential to improve your movement and quality of life.

The results achieved with us depend on three factors: commitment, severity of your stroke, and genetics.

Like it or not you can’t escape your stroke severity or your gene pool, but these only account for a proportion of your ultimate potential.

Healthy by Science will help you maximise your physical and mental capacity to get you fitter than you ever thought possible.

Due to the high demand of each stroke survivor we are only able to accept individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • A primary clinical diagnosis of stroke
  • Able to walk indoors for 10 metres, with or without a walking aid, and/or have self-reported difficulty with or require help on stairs, slopes or uneven surfaces.
  • At least one month (but no upper limit) from discharge from NHS physical rehabilitation services.
  • Able to attend the Scotsman Spa and Gym on Market St, EH1 1TR.
  • Have the cognitive capacity and communication ability sufficient to participate in the sessions and group classes.