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Personal Training

You have a goal. We have a way to get you there.

Change your body. Get control of your health. Unlock the person you know you can be.

Why choose Health by Science?
No fads. This is research driven.

With a lack of regulation in Personal Training in Edinburgh, choosing the best Personal Trainer can be tough.

No matter what your goals are, it’s important to address all areas of health and well-being – which is why we leave no stone unturned.

By conducting a movement screening, and reviewing your nutrition, sleep stress and mindset, we are able to provide you with a highly professional and individualised service.

The success we’ve achieved with our clients has been possible because we’ve helped them to find a long-term set of easy dietary habits based on improving body composition, health and performance.

This enables us to not only focus on your body image, but work on improving your overall health and performance as well.

Obviously the majority of individuals seek a Personal Trainer with aesthetics in mind, which can make the world of fancy supplements and ridiculous crash diets seem appealing.

While these short-term strategies may temporarily reduce your weight, in the long run clients are more often than not worse off than when they started.

If you’re ready to make your change for good, then send us a quick message and book your free consultation.


Tell Us About Yourself

Personal Training and weight lossOur team of NHS Registered Dietitians and experienced Personal Trainers will provide you with the latest science based nutrition guidance, based on your history, current lifestyle, and goals.

What Works for Brian?

“Before I started training with Health by Science I was playing around with all sorts of fad diets which never achieved anything sustainable. When I started, I would never have believed that the results we’ve achieved would have been possible.”

Brian Logan (weigh loss client)

More Info

Personal Training EdinburghOur team of Physiotherapists and Strength Coaches will conduct a comprehensive movement screening for you, to minimise your risk of injury whilst maximising your performance.

We are able to get such great, long-term, results with our clients because we don’t just focus on your nutrition and exercise but also your sleep, stress, and mindset.

Our main purpose is to help as many people as possible to maximise their quality of life, sustainably. We do this by using a person-centred approach underpinned by the latest health behaviour change science. Let us be the last Personal Trainers that you need.

What Works For Lynn

“I was looking for a trainer that looked at the whole person, not just the exercise part and though the rounded approach Health by Science take might just work for me.”

Lynn Moir (weigh loss client)