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Our approach is unique. Many of our patients needing physiotherapy in Edinburgh come to us with many issues such as lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain or shoulder pain to name just a few.


We don’t just reduce pain and treat your injury — we do all we can to help make sure it doesn’t come back. Our focus is on the quality of our treatments not on the number of patients we see.

We aim to minimise the number of sessions that you need – making the transition from amazing short-term recovery to long-term sustainability as smooth as possible.

Many of the aches and pains experienced by many people today are entirely preventable with the appropriate intervention. This is why we screen our patients and our clients to highlight areas of weakness, which if ignored, may cause you problems and increased risk of lower back pain in the future.

Using this approach enables our patients and clients to achieve their goals while reaching an optimal level of daily functioning. No matter what your goals are, it’s essential to address all areas of health, fitness and well-being – which is why we leave no stone unturned.

Personal Trainer Edinburgh

With the number of Personal Trainers in Edinburgh, along with a lack of regulation in the Personal Training industry, finding the best personal trainer, for you can be tough.

The success we’ve achieved with our personal training clients has been possible because we’ve helped them to find a long-term set of easy habits based on improving body composition, health, and fitness. This enables us to not only focus on your body image but work on improving your overall health and fitness as well.

With our hard work, coaching and commitment, we will achieve your fitness and health-related goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, take part in an endurance event or merely live a balanced, healthy lifestyle, we have helped people achieve their goals and are ready to help you do the same.

The majority of individuals looking for a personal trainer in Edinburgh want to know how to lose weight fast. This can make the world of fancy supplements and ridiculous crash diets seem appealing. While these short-term strategies may temporarily achieve some weight loss, in the long run, clients are more often than not worse off than when they started.

At Health by Science, our Personal Trainers not only show you how to lose weight most efficiently but most importantly how to keep it off sustainably. If you’re ready to make your change for good, then send us a quick message and get your Personal Training in Edinburgh started today. You can find out more about our Edinburgh Personal Trainers, Alex, Stuart and Ross here.

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We are what we eat, digest and absorb, which is why we spend as much time on nutrition as exercise. Exercising without looking at your nutrition is not a good idea.  A combination of the two with the help of a coach to facilitate behaviour change is most optimal to transform your results.

When it comes to learning how to lose weight, nutrition has the greater impact than exercise ALONE. However, the most effective interventions are those that COMBINE exercise, nutrition AND a behaviour change approach.

When it comes to rehabilitation, one area which can significantly help, and is perhaps most commonly overlooked, is nutrition. As we eat numerous times a day, it is comforting to know that the food we are eating and digesting can help our body to heal itself as efficiently as possible.

If you’ve found yourself on numerous yo-yo diets over the years or if you’ve been able to lose weight on other programmes but have stalled, then Health by Science Personal Training is for you. You can download our free Nutrition Reboot ebook here to get started today.

The success we’ve achieved with our clients has been possible because we’ve helped them to find a long-term set of sustainable dietary habits based on their goals, lifestyle and preferences. This is how we’ve been able to achieve such excellent body composition, health and fitness results.

We use the term movement rather than exercise because it encompasses much more. Your personal trainer will help you to not just move more but also to move better.

We don’t just put you through a generic programme. Instead, we provide you with a tailored plan suited to your goals, preferences and experience level.

We work with a broad spectrum of individuals from stroke survivors to the elite athletes of Scotland Hockey players. Whatever your goals, with Health by Science Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists, you’re in safe hands.

The benefits of being active on a regular basis are numerous and unequivocal, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, colon and breast cancer, and depression.

Many of our clients also have busy schedules and may even suffer from low back pain and other injuries. This is why as Physiotherapists, injury prevention is at the heart of our Personal Training services in Edinburgh.

Our team of Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers will conduct a comprehensive movement screening for you, to minimise your risk of injury whilst maximising your performance.

We believe that mindful, critical thinking is like strength training for the brain. An essential skill to help you to spot fake news and take better, more informed decisions consistently when it comes to health, fitness and well being.

We help instil a growth mindset in our clients, so you’re more likely to believe you can develop yourself. This means that you will be open to accurate information about your current abilities, good or bad, and see this as an opportunity to learn rather than a personal attack on your ego.

This allows you to master your health, fitness and rehabilitation as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

The majority of our Personal Training clients have very busy, stressful lifestyles, which makes achieving their goals all the more challenging. Fortunately, we’ve been able to help many such people achieve goals they thought would never be possible, through our hard work and person-centred Personal Training.

With organisational tools such as meal plan templates and automated data collection, our detailed preparation and dedication ensure that you can focus on merely attending and reaping the rewards from the very start.

From an evolutionary perspective, the stress response can also be a beneficial way of protecting yourself, such as giving you extra strength to lift a heavy object.

Beyond a certain point, however, stress stops helping and starts damaging our health, fitness, mood, productivity, relationships and our overall quality of life. In fact, the evidence suggests that chronic stress and the cascade of changes it causes is second only to diet as the primary cause of modern disease.

As harmful as stress can be, many people do little to mitigate its adverse effects. At Health by Science, our Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists will help you to find your stress sweet spot to help you optimise your health, fitness and rehabilitation.

Over 50% of people in the UK not getting enough sleep, which has ramifications on our health,  relationships, concentration levels, performance at work and energy levels. In a world surrounded by constant stimulation, this may be unsurprising as we have blindly ended up depriving ourselves of a good night’s sleep.

Believe it or not, sleep and stress may well be the two most significant health challenges we face here in the UK. However, when we do get enough sleep, it can enhance your memory and mental clarity, improve your athletic performance, boost your mood and overall energy, improve your immune function, optimise your recovery and increase your stress tolerance.

Our Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists will help you to engineer a great night’s sleep so that you can look, feel, perform and recover at your best.

Science-Based Approach

Science is the best tool we have for determining what works. What works for one individual, however, won’t necessarily work for the next. That’s why we conduct a comprehensive assessment based on your lifestyle, history, goals and preferences. By working with you and for you, our Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists will help you achieve your goals both efficiently and sustainably.

Whether you want to lose weight, recover from injury or train for a triathlon, it’s essential to address all areas of health and fitness. That’s why we don’t just focus on exercise and nutrition – we also look at your sleep, stress and your mindset to provide you with a highly individualised service. Our philosophy enables you to achieve your optimum health, performance and body composition as efficiently as possible.

To ensure you stay on track with the goals that you want, we collect data and record your progress throughout the whole process. This enables us to provide you with detailed feedback to emphasise just how far you’ve come and how well you are doing. With such an emphasis on using outcome-based measures, your results just keep on improving.

We are continually searching through the scientific literature, building on years of studying to ensure we provide an evidence-based approach to all aspects of health and well-being. Our Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists regularly meet up with other industry experts from Live Empowered, Fit and Happy and Better Physiotherapy for CPD sessions, so that we can offer you the best practices the industry has to offer.

We are a Social Enterprise

We are Scotland’s first Personal Training/Physiotherapy Social Enterprise. This means that all the profit we make from our work goes towards subsidising the cost of working one-to-one with our stroke survivors who have been discharged from the NHS but are still amenable to rehabilitation.

We are passionate about highlighting the importance of mindset in promoting post-traumatic growth among our survivors and regularly share their success stories on social media.

We think the implications of sharing these stories are enormous for helping others recover from debilitating conditions. We also believe that the social enterprise model could offer a new paradigm for Physiotherapy and Personal Training in Edinburgh companies to help a struggling NHS, through helping achieve preventative lifestyle interventions.

Health by Science staff are accredited members of Precision Nutrition, The Register of Exercise Professionals, and a registered member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

They are also ravishingly good-looking with supreme charm and wit…however we must point out that this has not stood up to rigorous testing.

Health by Science Success Stories

Our series of short testimonials explore the real insights into our service for the most sought after health and fitness goals, from losing weight and putting on muscle, to physically and mentally performing at your best.