The UK's First Personal Training and Physiotherapy Social Enterprise

The NHS helps people to survive, Health by Science helps people to thrive.

The UK's First Personal Training and Physiotherapy Social Enterprise

The NHS helps people to survive, Health by Science helps people to thrive.

An honest, science-based approach to health and wellbeing.

Online and face-to-face coaching at our completely private, state of the art studio.

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Private Studio in Portishead and Edinburgh 

The first of its kind in the UK. Our unique health and wellness studio in Portishead and Edinburgh combines top-quality equipment and a layout designed to give the coaches the space they need to deliver optimal sessions. The studios offer free parking and are fully private, so you can work with your Physiotherapist or Personal Trainer in a non-competitive, relaxed and supportive environment.

Multidisciplinary Team

At the heart of HBS is a multidisciplinary team. As such, we know the benefit of sharing expertise among a team.

That’s why we have Physiotherapists who use the gym to help you rehabilitate, our coaches have a Physiotherapist on-site to assess and treat any injuries and everyone has the option of relaxing with a massage with our first-class Sports Massage Therapists.

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Social Enterprise

We believe that the majority of the UK population has huge untapped potential when it comes to their physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t realise their potential. This may be because they lack the motivation, capability and/or opportunity to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Health by Science was set up to address this urgent need and offer a new paradigm for Personal Training and Physiotherapy in the private sector and third sector.

Your body loves movement and we love helping people to move more. There are millions of ways to increase your physical activity and the great thing is when it comes to improving your health, it all counts. 

Our highly trained coaches spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring every session is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

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Arguably the most confusing pillar. Should you eat a diet that’s low carb, low fat, vegan or go on a juice cleanse? It can be a minefield to negotiate and with so much conflicting guidance it’s hard to know what to do. We aim to simplify things down, so you have a clear plan that aligns not only with your goal but also with your lifestyle.

This pillar has two key components; Sleep and Stress. Without addressing both of these areas, it is difficult to ever truly maximise your potential. By working to improve your sleep, understand the stress and implement effective recovery strategies you will ensure that you get the most out of every aspect of your life.

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Who is Health by Science?

We are the UK’s first and only Personal Training and Physiotherapy social enterprise. With our expert Personal Training we help people to lose weight, maximise their health and optimise their performance. Our Physiotherapists help people with their pain and injuries and our Sports Massage therapists help people recover back to their best.

As a multi-disciplinary team we also help stroke survivors who have been discharged from the NHS but still want to continue with their rehabilitation.

With Health by Science, the clue is in our name.

Everything we do is underpinned by Science. From the strategies we use with our clients to the quality improvement methodology, we apply to our business and our systems (see video below for more information).

This is why we have invested so much time and money into our education to become the best professionals we can be:

BSc Sports Science

Our coaches have studied at the University of Edinburgh and Napier University.

Consistent Results

Our coaches have got results with thousands of clients in rehab and high performance.


MSc Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists have studied at Queen Margaret and Napier University.


We are a team of Physios, Strength Coaches, PTs and Dieticians.

MSc Sports Performance

Our Strength Coaches have studied and researched at Napier University.

Experienced Experts

Collectively, our coaches have over 15 years of studying how to be the best.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Address: 98 Giles St, Edinburgh, EH6 6BZ

Phone: 01312100002


Portishead, England

Address: 92 High St, Portishead, BS20 6AJ

Phone: 01275261008