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Physiotherapy and Personal Training

Recover from injury, lose weight and improve your strength permanently at our private facility in Edinburgh

Whatever your goals are Personal Training and Physiotherapy can help…

Strength, health and well-being

If you’re looking to reduce your aches and pains, lose weight and build up your strength, you’ve found the right place. We help busy, health-conscious professionals recover from their aches and pains, lose weight and get strong permanently at our private Edinburgh Physiotherapy and Personal Training facility.

Since 2010, the Health by Science team has helped hundreds of men and women in Edinburgh get results that actually last. No fads or pseudo-science – just the latest clinical evidence, a personalised plan and accountability to help you achieve your goals. Take your first step to improving your pains, body composition, health and performance by booking your free consultation here.

A personalised approach to health and fitness

We get results – with satisfied clients ranging from stroke survivors to elite athletes. Science is the best tool we have for answering the question ‘What works?’ That’s why the philosophy of science underpins everything we do so that we can help you to understand what works for you. By continuously evaluating and reviewing the latest medical and scientific evidence, we can create the most effective approach for each individual client. Add to that our high standards of professionalism and person-centred approach, and we guarantee our members great sessions and great results! In fact, we’re so confident of success that if you’re not satisfied with your results we will give you your money back! Seriously, if you follow our guidance and advice and the results don’t meet your expectations, we will refund you.

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