Meet our multidisciplinary team of Personal Trainers, Physiotherapist and Massage Therapists.

Jamie Henderson

Hi, I’m Jamie, one of the coaches here at Health by Science. With over 5 years of experience coaching hundreds of clients ranging from stroke survivors to elite professional athletes, I am guaranteed to help you reach your goals. I ran my own business as a Personal Trainer whilst attaining two Sport Science degrees and working within elite sport, until joining the most forward-thinking group of Personal Trainers Edinburgh has to offer.

Ross Marwick

Hi I’m Ross, one of the coaches here at health by science. I have a decade of experience helping people improve their performance. I achieved top marks at diploma level before achieving a first-class honours degree in exercise physiology.

I have been fortunate enough to have some brilliant experiences along the way including; assisting in teaching multiple University undergraduate modules and working with Scottish Hockey u18s culminating in a silver medal at the euros.

Stuart Maytham

Hi, I’m Stuart one of the Physiotherapists here at Health by Science. I came up to Edinburgh from Bristol to study. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve spent 6 years studying two degrees at University, worked with hundreds of clients and managed to get some amazing experience working with top professionals at Hearts FC Academy and various sports clubs around Edinburgh.

You may recognise me from the TV show Dinner Date… unfortunately I’m not joking.

Alex Nairn

Hi I’m Alex and I get my clients the results they want through a mix of motivation, enjoyable programming ideas and an unorthodox sense of humour. I help my client’s reach their optimal potential, in a way that’s tailored to them.

My exercise programmes are designed to challenge you, but in a style which is fun and progressive. And when suitable, I will share my knowledge on the more obscure Motown classics to help you get through that final set.

Ross Kilgour

Hi I’m Ross and I made a switch from working in a corporate environment to pursue a career to work with people.

Since qualifying as a Sports Massage Therapist I have worked with a variety of patients with different issues from working with patients with chronic pain to athletes recovering from injury. 

I’m currently finishing the 2nd year of my undergraduate degree in Podiatry from Queen Margret University. I’ve got a keen interest in muscular-skeletal injuries and helping patients return to an active lifestyle.

It’s fair to say my coaching style and approach has proven to be adaptable & extensive – much like my joke library. If you would like to work with a coach who takes a person-centred approach and will help you achieve your goals with the most efficient & effective method – then get in touch.

Marisa Dawes

Hi, I’m Marisa, one of the sports massage therapists at Health by Science. I have a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and am passionate about helping others stay active and feeling good!

Since gaining a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy I have worked with a variety of people, of differing ages and activity levels. This has allowed me to establish a person-centred approach for administering therapy, follow up care and activity recommendations. I also have experience working with athletes, providing treatments for sports injury rehabilitation and guidance on injury prevention strategies. 

Andrew Watson

“The way that they approach training covers everything you need, from exercise to nutrition and recovery including sleep and stress.


“I wanted to get fitter and improve my nutrition. I got so fit and healthy my GP cut some of my medication in half.


The best thing I did was work out during pregnancy and I couldn’t have done it without Jamie. If it wasn’t for him I would have sat on the couch every night eating junk and making up excuses not to exercise.

Jamie was encouraging and supportive during PT. It is amazing how one hour in the gym with him can make you feel so good about yourself


“Two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD and I wanted to offset it as best I can. Now I feel my cardiovascular system is running better and I’m feeling overall much healthier.


When we first met Michelle was unable to walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes. 2 years later Michelle has progressed to running in multiple 5km races. Along the way Michelle has lost a total of over 4 stone in bodyweight and has even managed to reduce some of her medication.


When we first started working with us he weighed 112kg and was anxious about starting exercise. Now he weighs 95kg, is pre-diabetic and runs 5k races each year with his daughter Michelle.