Alex trains clients in a manner which both encourages them as well as drives them to meet their goals. His style of coaching is based on his passion for health and fitness, and this motivation is used to support his clients.

Alex was a professional football player from the age of 16 for 3 years. It was through football where he discovered his interest in the fitness and training world. Always a keen trainer (winner of numerous fitness tests within the teams he played with, just saying), Alex would look at different ways to better his performance as well as those around him. It was this interest that led him to study and become qualified in personal training.

During his studies, he began training clients at their homes or outside in gardens/parks. This form of training gave Alex more of an insight into the importance of nutrition and mindset. This has become key when working with clients.

After achieving his qualifications, Alex gained experience working in commercial gyms. Here he trained a wide variety of clients, from middle-aged females to aspiring young athletes. He became a valuable member of the gym teams he was a part of through his positivity and upbeat attitude. These are traits he continues to use with clients today. That, and his undoubted charm.

Alex continually strives to develop himself through ongoing learning and attending various seminars. Keeping up with the latest research is the basis behind his training for his clients.

At the beginning of 2015, Alex travelled the world for 6 months. Through this time he discovered many various cultures. This opened his eyes to the different struggles and battles people have to deal with, no matter who or where they are from. These experiences are what Alex can draw from when supporting clients, be they physical or mental barriers.

For an average size male (5 foot 8, don’t let anyone tell you differently), Alex enjoys lifting, carrying and throwing heavy things. These are all activities usually done for short durations, though he has been known to walk to the top of Machu Picchu mountain if needs must.

When not improving people’s health one single leg kettlebell snatch at a time, Alex likes nothing more than being in Sweden, his mother’s native country, chopping wood and lifting cows.


  • BSc Applied Sports Science, Napier University
  • Higher National Diploma in Fitness, Health & Exercise
  • REPS Level 4 Low Back Pain
  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in exercise referral
  • REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Training
  • Body Type Nutrition Academy Coach
  • UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Weightlifting for Sports Performance (Level 2)