Meet Craig

Picture of Health by Science Sports Massage Therapist Ross Kilgour

Craig is a driven, dedicated, and hard working trainer, with a strong emphasis on sustainable results.

Craig builds tailored programmes as well as providing nutritional and lifestyle guidance, enabling you to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Through his experience working in commercial gyms, Craig has had the benefit of working with numerous clients from all walks of life, with a variety of goals and ability levels.

As a result of this Craig has proven to be very versatile in the gym, and supportive to his clients. Like the rest of the Health by Science team, continual professional development is an integral part of his week, always looking to enhance his knowledge and skill set through attaining new qualifications and attending courses.

It was his experience as a gym instructor that inspired Craig to pursue a career in Personal Training. Whilst Craig could offer his fitness expertise in the gym, he soon realised that his clients struggled to achieve their goals based on 2-3 hours in the gym. What really had the biggest influence was what happened outside of the gym, and it was only through personal training that he would be able to influence these outside factors.

When not in the gym Craig can often be found at the side of a road repairing his bicycle tyre punctures or being thrown out of a buffet for eating too much. Craig is a strong lover of nature, wildlife, and also enjoys walking, cycling, and listening to music.


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