Hi, I’m Rachael. I love all things sport and health related.


Through my undergraduate study, I developed an interest in rehabilitation and injury prevention. Now, as a Physiotherapy student at Queen Margaret University, I continue to expand my knowledge in Sports Massage Therapy so that I can help provide advice to others with injuries or illnesses too.


I am enthusiastic about the work that we do here at Health by Science – helping people feel better is something that always brings me joy!


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BSc (Hons) Applied Sport Science, University of Edinburgh

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma


Do you want to feel amazing?


Sports massage is the perfect way to relax and release tension. It’s a great way to help your body recover from physical activity, reduce muscle discomfort and improve mood. We know that everyone has different needs so we offer a range of sports massages including deep tissue massage, pre-event warm up sessions and post-event recovery treatments. Our therapists are fully qualified in their field with years of experience helping people just like you!


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