Client Spotlight

About Him…

When did you start training?

Where are you based?
Currently based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Why did you decide to start training?
Confidence and health. But if I had to choose one, it was confidence.

What do you like most about training?
I love the people. The trainers, the clients. I just love it all.

What is the biggest challenge to achieving your goals in the gym?

Caloric + macronutrient needs.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from achieving your goals?

Success is a continuous process that involves taking one small step every little day. Little victories add up.

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Fun Facts

Where is the best place you’ve ever visited?


What is your favourite meal?

Pizza (during cheat days after leg day)

What TV programme/series are you watching right now (if any)?

I don’t watch TV. I use my free time to build my business or learn to play the violin or learn another language. Life is too short for TV!

Do you have any other fun facts about yourself?

I have four advanced science degrees. A BSc Honours in Chemical Physics, a BSc in Mathematics, an MSc in Chemistry, and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh in Chemistry. I also just received my NASM-CPT certification.

Training Style/Approach

How do you approach your training? What is the best way to approach training in your experience?

I treat it as life. The gym is an excellent metaphor for life. It’s not only about showing up, it’s about excelling and going for your grandest dreams and goals.

In your opinion what works best in getting results?

Get your social circle involved. They will hold you accountable. They will provide a support network. We all need it. Even the most successful bodybuilders have days when they don’t want to hit the weights. But they do. Because they must. Having a network will keep you accountable and help you push past boundaries.

Big Lessons

What “big lessons” have you had when trying to achieve your goals? What mistakes have you made?

The biggest lesson is that failure is good. I always feared failure. During the beginning of my training, I was always scared to not reach the predetermined number of reps in a set. Failure is good because it means you are pushing your boundaries (of course to a certain limit).

Big Wins

What “big wins” have you had from your own training?

My best win is my gain of confidence. The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I live life has completely changed because of training. I have gained so many close friends, and they are such a big part of life both inside and out of the gym.



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