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“Since taking up my first triathlon in spring 2013 I have been training with Health by Science, who have helped me on my journey from a novice triathlete to Half Iron(wo)man. 

During this time we have also discussed diet, nutrition and other factors that impact on health and activity, which is exemplary to Health by Science’s holistic approach to training.


When Paul started with Health by Science he weighed just 47kg. Here he is back squatting 120kg!


“I was looking for a PT because I wanted to get more into weight lifting and different types of fitness and improve my Trapeze performance.”

Andrew Brock

Scottish cricket player Andrew suffered a right knee meniscus tear. Following months of rehab and dedication, Andrew is now stronger than he was before the injury and is now back playing the sport he loves.

Carolyn Dyson

“Health by Science, who have helped me on my journey from a novice triathlete to Half Ironwoman. They have helped me to build a solid platform for the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, whilst helping minimise my risk of injury.”

Michael Duncan

Michael started with Health by Science with very little resistance training experience. Through his consistency, hard work and our guidance he can now Deadlift over 120kg. 

Gorkem Gokyigit

“There is an overwhelming amount of fitness and nutrition information around and you do not know what to follow or believe! What I have learned is that it is best to leave it to the professionals who know you and see your progression each week to give you the best guidelines to take home with you. I recommend Health by Science without reservation.”

Steven Smith

Health by Science are absolute experts in exercise and nutrition, but their real skill is knowing which parts are relevant to the specific client and which aren’t. Whether you want to go through a session without thinking too hard, or want to understand each detail of what you’re up to, the guys are totally flexible and will match your style.

James C

Through consistency and hard work, our client James managed to go from a 40kg squat with poor quality technique to hitting over 100kg with perfect form and plenty more room to progress!


“I wanted to get better running and reduce my risk of injury and from working with Health by Science I instantly I felt an improvement in my running and far fewer injuries.”


“I was looking for a PT to help direct me with my fitness and put on more muscle. In 12 months I put on 10kg of muscle and I’m fitter and stronger than I have ever been.”


“I was looking for a PT to help me get fitter and stronger but also to help educate me as I was interested in becoming a PT.”


“I was looking for a PT to help improve my confidence in how to use a gym most effectively.”


Having always had trouble gaining weight, Aderito’s mum always commented on how he needs to eat more! Back in February 2020, Aderito flew home to his hometown in Portugal to the delight of his mother who said he had stuck on a lot of muscle and looked much stronger!

Aderito’s hard work and dedication to his training programme and nutrition advice has been unquestionable and his

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