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We help people achieve things which they never thought were possible.


“For me it’s been one improvement after another, I started in October last year and it’s given me confidence to challenge myself and it’s been great.”


In 2017 Jane had a microdiscectomy. When she got in touch with Health by Science she could only go for a few weeks without pain but had the goal of building up her confidence in order to go Skiing again which is a very meaningful goal to her.

With a person-centred rehabilitation programme, Jane has built up her self-efficacy (belief in her ability to use her back in varied activities) to the point where she is ready to go Skiing this February.


Rachel came to us with a classic bad back that she had learnt to live with and just about tolerate. Through a better understanding of her pain and gradually exposing herself to physical challenges, she is stronger and more robust than ever.


“Exercise has helped me massively since my stroke, I’m getting stronger and stronger and I can now run for 5 minutes.”


“Exercising with Health by Science has helped me a lot and it is getting easier. My advice to other stroke survivors is to give Exercise After Stroke a chance because you will really enjoy it.”


“The exercise I get at Health by Science has helped me immensely, from getting off the floor if I fall to standing up from the chair used to be a big task but I can do it well now.”


“I wanted to get better running and reduce my risk of injury and from working with Health by Science I instantly I felt an improvement in my running and far fewer injuries.”

Andrew Brock

Scottish cricket player Andrew suffered a right knee meniscus tear. Following months of rehab and dedication, Andrew is now stronger than he was before the injury and is now back playing the sport he loves.

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