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We help people achieve things which they never thought were possible.


I’ve been working with Jamie since Feb 2019 and moved to Health by Science with him. I love working out at their gym, everyone’s super welcoming and friendly.

Jamie always has our sessions really well planned so we make the most of our time. He’s a great coach who is great at encouraging and motivating me to get the best out of our workouts! I couldn’t have made these changes without Jamie’s support!


“Monitoring improvement in the gym is absolutely brilliant but for me this is the real prize. I’ve spent the last 13 days basically living in a bikini and not once have I felt self-conscious or uncomfortable.

I would not have shared this if it wasn’t for all the teaching and motivation Jamie from Health by Science gives me every week – the boy works miracles!”


“From working with Stuart from Health by Science I’ve been able to lose 25kg of body fat.”


Lucy used to think that people like her weren’t meant to exercise. She had no confidence in her physical abilities, let alone in herself.

From working with Health By Science, Lucy has achieved results she never thought was possible. She now views exercise completely differently, and believes people like her need exercise in their lives.


Over a 12 month period, David managed to lose over 10kg and record his lowest and healthiest weight in the last 25 years.


Training for weight loss and performance simultaneously is no easy task, however, the dedication and commitment Martin has shown to his training and nutrition in preparation for the 2019 Edinburgh Half Marathon has allowed him to achieve two goals that many would struggle to achieve when only focussing on one.


I attended a consultation with Jamie the day before my 30th birthday and I haven’t looked back! Jamie has been a brilliant trainer! I have actually come to enjoy exercise and look forward to our weekly PT session.

He has me lifting weights I never thought possible and always pushes me to do my best. The second pic is the result of 10/11 weeks of consistent exercise (2-3 times per week) and good nutrition (actual food, no crazy diets or meal replacements). I can confidently say I am proud of my achievement and so far and I feel happy and most importantly I feel healthy!


From working with Health by Science during a corporate wellbeing programme Mark has lost over two stone.


After giving birth to twins I wanted to get my shape back and Ross from Health by Science helped me to do just that.


When Paul started with Health by Science he weighed just 47kg. Here he is back squatting 120kg!

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