Everyone using our Online Exercise After Stroke programme should start at this level.

Make sure you perform each exercise with a carer who can make sure you stay safe.

After each exercise, note down on the programme checklist how challenging you found it. If you find a movement too easy then you will complete level 2 of this movement next time.

Then you will do the same for level 2 next workout. If it is still too easy, you would complete level 3.

For example, after a couple of workouts, you may find that your locomotion is a level 3, however, your upper body is a level 1.




Walking intervals <10 steps

  1. If you can do 15 assisted sit to stands then try without a walking aid, otherwise use a walking aid if needed with the guidance of a carer.
  2. To help with your balance, lean forward as you step onto your heels. It can be tempting to lean back otherwise.
  3. Aim to look straight ahead at the far wall as you walk.
  4. Try to turn each foot out at 45 degrees on each step.
  5. Aim to walk 5 steps, turn around and come back to your seat.

Lower Body

Assisted Sit To Stands

  1. Feet shoulder width apart and symmertical.
  2. Move your nose over your toes and push the floor away.
  3. Use your good side to assist you.

Upper Body (Seated or Standing)

Shoulder Passive Assisted Flexion

  1. Hold your bad hand firmly with the good one.
  2. Aim to lift your arm just above your head (not vertical).
  3. Once you reach the top, slowly lower your bad arm with minimal help as possible from your good arm.
  4. Don’t let your bad arm drop like a dead weight.


Step Tos (Floor, Assisted)

  1. Start with your good leg.
  2. Lift your knee up vertically as high as you can, lean forward and point your toes forward in front of you.
  3. To step back, lean onto your bad leg, lift your knee vertically and kick your heel back to the start position.
  4. Repeat with your bad leg using a chair or wall for support if needed.

Get Ups

Chair Assisted Half Get-Ups (One Knee)

  1. Shuffle to the front of the chair.
  2. Move your bad foot out as far as you can.
  3. Turn to your good side and reach behind you, placing the palm of your good hand on the chair.
  4. Finally bring your good leg back behind you resting on the floor to create a tripod between your two legs and your good hand.
  5. To sit again, push through both legs and the good hand until you’re safely back on a chair.