Three things to get the body you’ve always wanted

You’ve been going to the gym and working out for months now.

You’re sore, you’re tired, but something in your gut tells you that there is more work to be done before you can get the body of your dreams.

And it’s because no matter how hard you try, even if you follow a training programme religiously, there will still come a time when progress slows down or stops completely.

And this is where most people give up on their dream body – not because they don’t want it anymore but because they don’t know what else to do next!

But have faith: with these three simple steps (that take less than 5 minutes) we’ll show you exactly how to break through any plateau so that your dream comes true.


Getting results in the gym starts with an awesome workout

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The Key Principles Of Training

The problem with most training protocols is that they are not designed to be effective for everyone.

Most of the time, trainers will make you do a bunch of exercises in a certain order and then tell you to lift until failure. But if your body has responded well to this approach in the past, it doesn’t mean it will work again next time. It might even have negative effects!

Here we give you 3 key principles that should form part of every good training routine for building muscle mass. If your workout does not incorporate these principles then there is no way it can be considered “the best” or “optimal” or whatever other buzz words people use nowadays…

Step 1: Train Consistently

Training twice a week all year round is superior to training 5 times a week for just 20-weeks because consistency is king when it comes to getting results.

You can’t go to the gym “once in a while” and expect great long-term progress, just like you cannot train sporadically throughout the year without any real success. Short blasts of training have their place under certain conditions but consistency is key!

As a general rule, if you want to get strong then you should do at least three resistance training sessions per week to maximize strength development, but the greater frequency can lead to even more desirable results.

Training too often can cause overtraining, but for the vast majority of people, training too frequently is not the issue. Training frequently and consistently is a big challenge because life can easily get in the way.

Put simply, the lifter who trains consistently will experience steady strength and muscular gains over time.


Getting results in the gym starts with an awesome workout

Get your FREE strength program so you can think less, lift more, and get RESULTS!

Step 2: Work hard but not too hard

You don’t need to kill yourself every workout, but you do have to push yourself.

You should listen and make adjustments if your body says so on any given day.

There are so many variables that can affect how hard or easy a particular workout will be for you before you even set foot in a gym. For example, the amount of sleep you’ve had recently, what your diet is like recently,  and also just regular life stressors in general such as going through tough times with family members/friends who might still be upset over something recent that has happened.

You need to be prepared to manage these variables and adjust your effort accordingly, otherwise, you set yourself up for failure.

So when is the right time to train to failure?

It’s tough to say as some lifters can tolerate it more so than others. Beginner or newer lifters should keep their sets medium in intensity, which basically translates into leaving 1-2 reps left “in the tank” at the end of each set.

Those who have been lifting for a little longer and are feeling good following a new workout schedule can experiment with their training volume by going all out on the first set of exercises. If it turns into one too many reps towards failure though, then they may burn themselves out which would lead them to do less overall work that day–so pay attention and make sure you track your data.

As a general rule of thumb, we normally advise people to train until they fail during their final set for each exercise although it’s important not to overtrain and reduce frequency accordingly if you feel like your intensity has dropped too much. Always remember that consistency is king!

Step 3: Focus on your technique

It’s important to know when it is time for form and when it is not. Sometimes you have to let loose a bit, throw your weight around, and go heavier than the norm if that’s what gets results in a given situation.

The lifting technique is a delicate balance between maximizing the stress on your muscles to produce a performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

If you’ve ever been to a gym, then you know that consistency in technique is also key. An inconsistent exercise technique leads to the false impression of progressive overload, which can lead to injury if you’re not careful.

The most obvious example of this phenomenon is with squats: people may believe they are progressively overloading their muscles when really all they’re doing is cutting depth and rounding back more each week without increasing weight on the bar or reps–leading them down an incorrect path for success.

In reality, you’re not getting stronger at all. In fact, you’re progressively reducing the challenge through various biomechanical shortcuts that never take you anywhere near your dream body.

If you want FREE feedback on your technique then check out our new blog on how to video your own technique here and send it to us at we’d be more than happy to give you some critical feedback.

Getting results in the gym starts with an awesome workout

Get your FREE strength program so you can think less, lift more, and get RESULTS!


There are many components to training, but the three key points we want you to remember when it comes to maximizing results is to…

1) train often,

2) don’t overtrain and

3) focus on your technique.

If these principles sound simple enough but difficult for you in practice because of life getting in the way, then be rest assured that most people feel that way.

That’s why we created our The Strength Lab Free 7-Day Trial and let us write your training programmes for you so that you can think less and lift more. If you follow this challenge, we guarantee you’ll get amazing results just like our client Paul Sarte who increased his lean muscle mass by over 50%! He can also now back squat 2x his bodyweight.

Our team can help with setting realistic expectations and creating a solid plan based on how much time you have available each week so that progress doesn’t stall just because things got busy at work. So what are you waiting for?



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