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Learn to Lift

Learn how to lift weights effectively and feel confident in the gym for just £35.

Get Confident – Get Results

Do you lack confidence when you walk into the gym? Do you feel stuck when you’re faced with a busy gym floor? Are you frustrated by your lack of results? If so, then you’re just one of the millions in the UK.

In your 60 minute Learn to Lift session, we will help you to understand how to perform key lifts such as Deadlifts and Squats so that you can do so with confidence when you’re training solo. We’ll also help you to design an exercise programme tailored to your individual goals and set you up on our training app, free of charge.

Our programme design sessions are normally £60 but we’re tired of seeing people struggle so we’re currently offering Learn to Lift sessions for just £35, a massive £25 discount!

But hurry the offer is only available for the next 30 days.


Learn the key lifts

By the end of your session you will be able to perform squats and deadlifts confidently and effectively. You will also get free access to our training app.


Improve your confidence

Get confident with your new understanding of how to perform key exercises correctly and how to get results with a programme on our app.

Get better results

With your new perfect technique, a structured plan and accountability, you have all the ingredients to get amazing results for your hard work.

Don’t be a statistic…


Number of people who have a gym membership


Number of people who use their membership


Number of people who get the help they need

As well as your Learn to Lift Session, your £35 includes…

Access to our app

After your Learn to Lift session, we’ll set you up on our app so that you can track your progress and access our workout templates and full exercise library.

Personal feedback

During your session we’ll record your technique and show you where to improve so that you get a true understanding of the technique.

Meet your Trainer

Our friendly, highly experienced Personal Trainers are here to guide & support you on your Learn to Lift journey.

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I went from hardly being able to walk round a supermarket due to my long standing chronic back condition. In setting my goals, Stuart said his aim was to get me to forget I had a chronic back condition. I was doubtful but hopeful. Here I am, about to do my first ever 5k, and I do forget about my back.
Rachel Jenkinson

Why Health By Science?


The Learn to Lift programme has been developed by Strength & Conditioning coaches and HCPC registered Physiotherapists to provide you with the best advice and education for getting the most from your gym sessions.

Some health professionals focus solely on short-term gains. At Health By Science, we are different. We are passionate about helping the people of Edinburgh take ownership of their health in order to feel well & live better both short and long-term.

This is why we’re now offering huge discounts to help you understand your body and how to get results.

At Health By Science, our experts offer an Honest, Evidence based approach to health & fitness. We take the fear, confusion & guesswork out of living well, and are passionate about supporting all our clients in taking ownership of their health and making positive change, for good.