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You May Hear Lots Of Health Coaches Preach That You Have To Cut Out Takeaways If You Are Looking To Reduce Body Fat.


What if we told you that you DON’T have to restrict how often you order food? In fact, you could order multiple times a week and still see results!


With this FREE eBook, you will…


  • Learn why generic takeaways can impact our fat loss efforts in a negative way if you’re not careful.
  • Learn the rules you need to know in order to achieve fat loss success while ordering takeaway food.
  • Use our sample calorie cheat sheets of your favourite fast-food restaurants.
  • BONUS: Get access to our other FREE resources for long-term weight loss.
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Image of weight loss client Beth

“I’ve been working with Jamie since Feb 2019 and moved to Health by Science with him. I love working out at their gym, everyone’s super friendly.”


Over a 12 month period, David managed to lose over 10kg and record his lowest and healthiest weight in the last 25 years.


Image of weight loss client Lucy

Lucy used to think that people like her weren’t meant to exercise. Lucy has now achieved results she never thought was possible.