Learn to Thrive Programme

Learn what really works for reversing the effects of ageing in FREE 5-day course.

Learn what actually works for optimal health.

Just imagine how it would feel if you could…


Feel younger and healthier


Reduce your biological age


Finally take time to invest in YOU



Andrew Watson

“The way that they approach training covers everything you need, from exercise to nutrition and recovery including sleep and stress.


“I wanted to get fitter and improve my nutrition. I got so fit and healthy my GP cut some of my medication in half.


The best thing I did was work out during pregnancy and I couldn’t have done it without Jamie. If it wasn’t for him I would have sat on the couch every night eating junk and making up excuses not to exercise.

Jamie was encouraging and supportive during PT. It is amazing how one hour in the gym with him can make you feel so good about yourself


“Two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD and I wanted to offset it as best I can. Now I feel my cardiovascular system is running better and I’m feeling overall much healthier.


When we first met Michelle was unable to walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes. 2 years later Michelle has progressed to running in multiple 5km races. Along the way Michelle has lost a total of over 4 stone in bodyweight and has even managed to reduce some of her medication.


When we first started working with us he weighed 112kg and was anxious about starting exercise. Now he weighs 95kg, is pre-diabetic and runs 5k races each year with his daughter Michelle.

What do you get?

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Quick and easy-to-follow lessons

Our lessons are designed for busy, on the go individuals. Easy to digest but interesting enough to get your thinking, our courses will help you understand all the important information you need to know whilst helping you avoid all the myths and misinformation.

Improve your understanding

Improve your understanding of your own health behaviours with the expert guidance from the HBS team so you always know exactly what to do. Use our app and coaching tools get feedback from your coaches each week.

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Weight loss graph

​​Achieve sustainable results

Getting quick, short-term results is relatively easy, keeping the results in a long-term sustainable way is tough. We make it easier for you by showing you what matters most and where you are best focusing your efforts.


Meet Your Coach

Stuart Maytham

Having helped people to successfully lose weight for over 10 years I’ve learnt from personal experience and research into human behaviour change, it’s that the most effective approach for sustainable weight loss is a strong reason for wanting to lose, improved self-awareness, self-compassion and coach to guide you through the process.

That’s what we’ve created here at Health by Science.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

For Carr Gomm staff, the courses are completely FREE! As long as you sign up through your Carr Gomm email, the course will be free of charge.

Who are the courses for?

These courses were designed for Carr Gomm staff members who are keen to improve their health and fitness, but are unsure how best to do so. 

We want these courses to cater to all populations, whether you are an experienced exerciser who eats chicken, rice and broccoli for each meal or someone who shudders at the thought of a gym but would like to lose a few pounds.

There is only one requirement we ask if you sign up for one of the courses, and that’s motivation. Whether it’s motivation to improve an aspect of your life, or motivation to learn more about physical and mental health, it’s our one unnegotiable condition!

What happens after the course?

On completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to sign up to our Sustainability Academy. The Academy is an ongoing online platform which continues your journey with health and wellbeing.

The Academy is for members who have completed one of the three courses. The platform focuses on continuing development of awareness and behaviour change.

Are Health by Science qualified to give health advice?

When it comes to becoming qualified to work in the health and fitness industry, the entry-level is set pretty low as coaches with zero experience can become qualified in 6 weeks. What makes Health by Science different is that we go above and beyond this required entry-level by some margin.

Our coaches have completed Masters and First Class Honors degrees in Sport and Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, Higher National Diploma courses and specialist exercise certifications. 

But these qualifications don’t mean anything without the practical application and experience to back it up. So what really makes our coaches different, is their ability to use all of this experience and education and apply it in a programme that is tailored to your exact goals and preferences.

Should I use my personal email or work email?

It’s completely up to you! If you find that your work email gets very busy in the mornings and you think that our email is likely to get lost, then your personal email may be the best option. On the other hand, if you find it useful having our lesson in your work inbox as a nice reminder to take 10 mins to focus on your self-care, then your work email may be the best option for you.

Whatever your option, just let your coach know and they will update our system accordingly 🙂.