This bodyweight workout routine includes everything you need to lose weight, get stronger and healthier. You don’t need any equipment or much time, making it ideal for people who are short on both!

Bodyweight workouts for beginners are a great way to get in shape no matter your fitness level.


They can be done anywhere with little or no equipment, and they have been shown to have many benefits including weight loss, strength gain and an improved sense of well-being. In this post we’ll explore the basics of bodyweight workouts for beginners and how you can use them to meet all your fitness goals!


Let’s start by considering what we’ll cover in this post:

– Your Bodyweight Workout For Beginners

– Can You Build Strength With Bodyweight Exercises?

– What Are The Fundamental Movements Every Bodyweight Circuit Should Have?

– Is Bodyweight Training Good For Losing Weight?

– What To Do Once You Complete The Bodyweight Workout?


And much more!

Your Bodyweight Workout for Beginners

Below we have four levels Bodyweight Workout For Beginners for you to choose from. If you’ve not done a bodyweight workout before then we recommend starting on Level 1 but feel free to try Level 2 , 3 or 4 if you feel up for it!


In a circuit routine, you’ll go through each exercise one after another without stopping (if you’re capable).


How many times should I complete the Bodyweight Workout For Beginners circuit?


To get great results you only need to complete the circuit once a day Monday to Friday. Especially if you’re not doing anything consistently right now. One circuit is better than no circuits, two circuits is better than one etc.


Ultimately the more you do the more you will improve but remember that the most important factor, is consistency.


You are what you repeatedly do, therefore, strength and fitness is a habit, not an attribute you’re born with.


Always remember if you can’t complete the exercise without stopping, that’s ok! It’s better to stop and take a break than to perform an exercise with poor technique.


Sit To Stands

How to do the sit to stand exercise

Sit To Stands

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Sit back into your heels until you touch the chair.
  • Push through the floor to stand back up.
  • If needed use your hands to assist you.
  • Set your timer for 30 seconds and do as many as you feel comfortable doing.
  • Once you can perform the exercise 15 times in
Push Up Plank

How to do the push up plank exercise

Push Up Plank

  • Start with your knees on the floor.
  • Move yourself into a push up position, feet shoulder width apart with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Make yourself as tall as possible to help avoid your hips moving too high or too low.
  • Set your timer for 30 seconds and do as many as you feel comfortable doing.
  • Once you can hold the exercise for 30 seconds your ready to progress to Level 2!
Hip Thrusts

How to do the push up plank exercise

Hip Thrusts

  • Lie on your back with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Push through the heels.
  • Keep pushing until you feel your muscles in the back of your legs and hips (bum muscles!).
  • Set your timer for 30 seconds and do as many as you feel comfortable doing.
  • Once you can perform the exercise 15 times in 30 seconds your ready to progress to Level 2!
Marching On The Spot

How to do the marching on the spot exercise

Marching On The Spot

  • Start in a standing position.
  • Lift your knee up above hip height.
  • Move your opposite arm up to help with momentum.
  • Set your timer for 30 seconds and do as many as you feel comfortable doing.
  • Once you can perform the exercise 15 times in 30 seconds your ready to progress to Level 2!

Use Our Follow Along Exercise Videos…

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4



Can You Build Strength and Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises?

Absolutely! Bodyweight exercises help you build muscle, as long as you continue to challenge your muscles by progressively overloading them. You can do this by…


Increasing the number of reps. Resting less. Performing more difficult repetitions. Using a higher degree of resistance (by going slower).


Just like our Online PT client Paul who developed great strength at home with the program below:

paul sarte strength training client

Today, we’re going to show you a simple home exercise that can be done anywhere – at home, in an apartment, outside at a park, etc.

How often should I complete a Bodyweight Workout For Beginners?


As we said before, we are what we repeatedly do, therefore getting fit and strong is a habit.

In our experience, it’s easier to build a habit when it happens habitually Monday to Friday. That’s why we recommend investing just 10 minutes a day during the week to start getting great resutls, just like our clients.


What if I get injured?


If you have neck pain or back pain you can try fixing the issue yourself here and here.


Or if you want help getting rid of an issue, then you can book in for a free Physiotherapy consultation here…


What Are The Fundamental Movements Every Bodyweight Circuit Should Have?

There are a few fundamental movements you need when starting bodyweight strength training if you want to ensure you get a complete total body workout, as outlined in our Beginner Bodyweight Workouts above!

We’ve assisted hundreds of one-on-one coaching clients get started with strength training and other amazingness, but everyone starts with some form of bodyweight exercise following the fundamental movement principles.

The fundamental movements are:




Is Bodyweight Training Good For Losing Weight?

Yes! Bodyweight training may help you lose weight as long as your nutrition is correct. If you don’t… No, it won’t be your secret weapon. That’s due to the fact that a decent workout and a poor diet will not aid in weight reduction (click here to watch our video).


It means that if you don’t address your eating issues as well, your exercise will be great for your health but it won’t result in weight loss.


So, if you want to lose weight, the first thing you should do is improve your nutrition. Keep in mind that eating healthy is essential when it comes to fitness!


You have two options for improving your diet:


1. Counting calories is a good approach to keep track of what you eat. You can figure out how many calories you consume each day on the internet by using My Fitness Pal but we strongly recommend working with a coach to get the most from the software and avoid getting confused or focusing on the wrong areas.


2. Consider the portion sizes that you’re eating. Assess your meals to see if they contain enough vegetables, protein, and not too many carbs and fats (such as our Health by Science healthy eating plate).

health by science plate



We’ve created our own 3-step nutrition plan with our online training clients, but let me break it down for you:


  1. When you can, replace the grains on your plate with vegetables.
  2. Make sure you consume adequate protein each day (such as meat, chicken, or fish), which helps you feel full and aids muscle growth.
  3. Be mindful of all treats (soft drinks, alcohol, sweets, extra portions and fast food) in your diet.


The unadulterated honest truth: at least 80% of your success or failure will be determined by what you eat.


If you’re doing bodyweight exercises to slim down, keep in mind that the bulk of the battle is still ahead of you! Because it only accounts for about 20%


If you’re looking for some advice on how to do things better, or you just want your own guide to give you direction, welcome!


We’ve been supporting like-minded individuals like you learn at home and make better food decisions without despising life for years! It’s our One-on-One Online Personal Training Program, and it may be ideal for you.


What To Do Once You Complete The Bodyweight Workout?

Do the Beginner Bodyweight Workout for 4-6 weeks and get yourself off to the best start and improve your fitness.


It’s not a problem if one circuit of the workout is tough!


As you progress, make a point of writing down how you did and attempting to complete only 1 more rep or activity the next time through.


The goal is to be able to perform a few more reps each week, and eventually, progress up a level.


We also have MULTIPLE options for you to take for your next step too. Pick the option below that best aligns with your goals and timeline:

Free Health Strategy Session

Free Health Strategy Session

(1) If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions on how to lose weight, eat healthier, and get stronger, book in for a Free Strategy Session using the link below.

The Hälsabord

The Hälsabord

2) Check out our revolutionary home workout board, the Hälsabord. With the Hälsabord, you can get lean and strengthen all major muscle groups with simple exercises that are easy to follow and fun to do. It’s perfect for home workouts for those who have little time but maximum results.

The Rugby Strength Lab

The Rugby Strength Lab

3) If you play rugby then get our guidance in the gym! We’ll help guide you through how to get great results in the gym with a program designed specifically for you with our unique training system, The Rugby Strength Lab.


The bodyweight routine is a great way for people to get in shape, lose weight and put on muscle. You can do this by doing bodyweight workouts at home or anywhere else if you’re looking for an easy workout that doesn’t require any equipment.


If you want to learn more about how bodyweight training may be able to help you meet your fitness goals, consider checking out our awesome 1-on-1 coaching program!


Or progress onto using equipment at home with the Hälsabord or try the gym with our unqiue program design system, The Rugby Strength Lab.