Why lifting weights makes you a better person

Lifting weights is hard, why bother?

Lifting weights can make you smarter, more confident and happier. It also helps you sleep better and boosts your testosterone levels – why wouldn’t you want to be a better human?

In this blog post, we’ll explore why lifting weights is so important for all of us, why it’s not as hard as some people think it is (just check out our free challenge below) and why everyone should be doing weightlifting if they want to be a better human.



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Lifting weights makes you smarter

Lifting weights stimulates the production of hormones that promote neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells).

A new study out of Georgia Tech is shedding light on the short term benefits that come with a brief, but intense workout. It’s been shown that after just 20 minutes in an exercise routine your episodic memory can increase by 10%. This means you’ll remember not only events from today but also ones from previous days!

This is why a short and intense weightlifting routine leaves you feeling happier. Happy people are more efficient at everything they do because happy people have great episodic memory. This means happy people accomplish more in less time!

The result? You’ll learn faster, remember more from what you’re learning and remember more of the information coming so you can do cool handshakes like this…

Lifting weights makes you happier

Exercise is not only shown to be an effective antidepressant, but it also provides you with better energy levels and more satisfying social relationships. The benefits of being able to do things that were previously impossible such as lift heavier weights or run faster are numerous, so why wouldn’t you want those?

More importantly, though, exercise has been proven time and again to improve self-esteem by improving body image through weight lifting – in fact, some studies have found resistance training can increase your sense of well-being (and who doesn’t need a little extra happiness?).

Our client Paul is a perfect example of this. He found a new-found confidence both in and outside the gym after he started lifting weights.

Just imagine yourself walking out of the gym after a tough strength session and feeling like you’ve achieved something. You’ll feel more confident about yourself, your body and what you can do as a person.

You might think that muscle growth is an instantaneous response to lifting weights, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Testosterone promotes this process and encourages your body to build more muscles in order for you to lift even heavier weight next time around.

This is key because testosterone is a hormone that helps improve libido and fertility in males. It boosts sperm production, gives men more energy for sex drive, and so resistance training keeps testosterone levels at an optimal level to help with infertility issues.


Lifting weights helps you sleep better

Do you feel like your sleep is always interrupted? And then when this happens, the next day becomes a complete disaster with you feeling really tired and sluggish. Have no fear!

Resistance exercises have been shown to improve aspects of quality by increasing rapid eye movement (REM) latency and total time spent sleeping, but it also helps us wake up in the morning refreshed because we slept better at night.

It’s thought that resistance exercises improve sleep by improving symptoms of depression and anxiety which has been shown in countless studies.

This leads to fewer disruptions throughout the night, a better quality sleep and ultimately feeling more refreshed the following morning.

Do you want to live longer and be happier? Well, why not start lifting weights? The evidence is clear…


Lifting weights can be hard, especially when you’re starting out.

We all know that lifting weights makes us stronger and healthier, but it’s also really difficult to know where to start.

Our Free 7-Day Strength Challenge will help get you started with your new routine by giving you the motivation and support needed to succeed in this short period of time.

The workout plan includes beginner exercises for each muscle group, with videos demonstrating the proper form for each exercise so that you can see exactly how they should be done.



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