why you should video your lifts

Are you the kind of person who easily gets awkward when taking a selfie in the public? If you are, then taking a video of your lifts might not be uncomfortable for you. After all, you don’t want to be labelled as someone who just goes to the gym just to have something to post on your Instagram. 

However, there are actually beneficial reasons to start taking videos of your lifts.

While this can boost your confidence, it can also give you and your coaches an idea of your progress. It will also help you know what you might be doing wrong and improve your stance. Moreover, if you are part of our FREE 7-Day Strength Challenge (you can subscribe if you’re still not), we will provide free coaching feedback on your technique for all your bench, squat and deadlift.

To help you understand this better and know the proper way of taking a video of your lifts, we will discuss them in this article.

Taking video of your lifts is not just for vanity

Although taking videos in the gym is relatively easy to do, there are still a lot of people who refuse to do this because they don’t know its benefits. For them, this is just an extra chore that is unimportant. However, here are some of the real advantages that you could get from taking a video of your lifts.


1. It helps you know if you are doing the exercise properly.

Even when you know you are doing your best in your fitness routines, you can never be sure if you are maintaining the proper stance and position while lifting. Meanwhile, watching yourself in the mirror is not that effective especially when you are too focused on lifting weights.

As a solution, it is best to take a video of yourself while lifting and just watch it right after. This way, you can easily identify the mistakes that you keep on doing and find a way to correct them. You can also send them over to your fitness coach and ask for feedback about what you should do to improve in the future.


2. It serves as a way to evaluate your progress.

As mentioned before, watching yourself in the mirror while exercising all the time is pretty hard. Considering that, it would be even more difficult to check and evaluate your progress if you do not have any videos of your past workouts to compare to.

However, a video series of your daily or weekly workouts can perfectly show the progress and improvements that you make every single time.


3. It helps you boost your confidence.

I know I said that taking video of your lifts is not just for vanity, but I never said that it does nothing to boost your confidence.

As you see your progress and watch yourself doing better every single time, it will boost your confidence. If you send us your video at coaching@healthbyscience.co.uk and join The Strength Lab FREE 7-Day Trial, we will also post them on our website. This is to help you and our other clients have more comparisons to see if they are already doing great.

4. It is exciting to collect your videos and watch your milestones to success.

Remember how good it feels when someone compliments you on your technique? Well, you get that same great feeling after collecting your progress videos. This is because watching yourself improve and reach every milestone to your fitness goals is exciting. It is also the same reason why some people take photos of themselves while on their fitness journey.

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How to properly take videos of your lifts

Are you interested in taking videos of yourself while lifting now? If you are and you just don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Here is easy three-step instruction that will help you learn the art of videography of your lifts. Click on the image below for an easy to use infographic as a reminder next time you’re in the gym.

Step 1

We recommend using a smartphone in landscape mode. This is because it would be easier to see your stance when you are making big movements rather than portraits.

Next, you will need something to hold it in position. Most people prefer using a tripod for great and steady hold but you can use other alternatives. Get creative and use anything you have with you to prop your phone up. A shoe or a water bottle works just fine.


Step 2

For most lifts, a diagonal view will give the most useful information. Not exactly from the side of the front, but somewhere in between.

Make sure to get your entire body in the frame. It is important to see everything that might affect your lift e.g. your foot stance in a squat.


Step 3

Nobody wants to watch 30 seconds of you adjusting the camera and psyching yourself up for your lift. On iPhone, just begin watching the video, hit pause, and then hit ‘Edit’. You can trim the start and end of the video right from that screen.

You need to take a few minutes rest between sets anyway, so use that time to trim your videos.

Note: Don’t forget to send them over to us so that we can help you evaluate yourself and provide some helpful feedback along the way! Email us at coaching@healthbyscience.co.uk.

Key Takeaways

Taking videos of yourself while doing lifts is not just for showoff but for beneficial purposes such as evaluation, note-taking, and progress. By joining The Strength Lab Free 7-Day Trial and sending us over your videos, we can provide proper feedback and guide you to improve yourself.

The Strength Lab Free 7-Day Trial not only consists of expert programmes written for you with 1-1 feedback. It consists of helpful guides, tips, and blogs for fitness and health. You can check out what our clients are saying about Health by Science here.



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