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1-on-1 Personal Training session to get your health and wellbeing back on track.

Personal Training £45 a session

Lose weight and transform your body and health.


67% of gym memberships go unused


30% of gym users say they don't get results


Clients see great results within 6 weeks

Is it time to get back to your best?

Most people would use commercial gyms to stay fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, gym members often lack the expert guidance they need to achieve their goals both efficiently and sustainably.

Fortunately, we at Health by Science are able to show you what you are truly capable of in our state of the art, private facility.

You’ll get the support, accountability and guidance you need to:

Get strong at home

Learn how to get fit and strong when training at home or in a busy gym.

Stress Free

A stress-free, simple, science-based guide to getting fit and strong at home.

Get results

Get efficient results for your hard work with our expert guidance.

Health Professional

Your own health professional to guide you through the process.


Allow us to break down the process into simple actionable steps for best results.


Learn how to thrive during lockdown instead of just trying to survive it.


“Since taking up my first triathlon in spring 2013 I have been training with Health by Science, who have helped me on my journey from a novice triathlete to Half Iron(wo)man. 

During this time we have also discussed diet, nutrition and other factors that impact on health and activity, which is exemplary to Health by Science’s holistic approach to training.


When Paul started with Health by Science he weighed just 47kg. Here he is back squatting 120kg!


“I was looking for a PT because I wanted to get more into weight lifting and different types of fitness and improve my Trapeze performance.”

Andrew Brock

Scottish cricket player Andrew suffered a right knee meniscus tear. Following months of rehab and dedication, Andrew is now stronger than he was before the injury and is now back playing the sport he loves.

Carolyn Dyson

“Health by Science, who have helped me on my journey from a novice triathlete to Half Ironwoman. They have helped me to build a solid platform for the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, whilst helping minimise my risk of injury.”

Michael Duncan

Michael started with Health by Science with very little resistance training experience. Through his consistency, hard work and our guidance he can now Deadlift over 120kg. 

Gorkem Gokyigit

“There is an overwhelming amount of fitness and nutrition information around and you do not know what to follow or believe! What I have learned is that it is best to leave it to the professionals who know you and see your progression each week to give you the best guidelines to take home with you. I recommend Health by Science without reservation.”

Steven Smith

Health by Science are absolute experts in exercise and nutrition, but their real skill is knowing which parts are relevant to the specific client and which aren’t. Whether you want to go through a session without thinking too hard, or want to understand each detail of what you’re up to, the guys are totally flexible and will match your style.

James C

Through consistency and hard work, our client James managed to go from a 40kg squat with poor quality technique to hitting over 100kg with perfect form and plenty more room to progress!


“I wanted to get better running and reduce my risk of injury and from working with Health by Science I instantly I felt an improvement in my running and far fewer injuries.”


“I was looking for a PT to help direct me with my fitness and put on more muscle. In 12 months I put on 10kg of muscle and I’m fitter and stronger than I have ever been.”


“I was looking for a PT to help me get fitter and stronger but also to help educate me as I was interested in becoming a PT.”


“I was looking for a PT to help improve my confidence in how to use a gym most effectively.”


Having always had trouble gaining weight, Aderito’s mum always commented on how he needs to eat more! Back in February 2020, Aderito flew home to his hometown in Portugal to the delight of his mother who said he had stuck on a lot of muscle and looked much stronger!

Aderito’s hard work and dedication to his training programme and nutrition advice has been unquestionable and his

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30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

We’re serious, if you don’t get the results expected we will refund you.
image of exercise programme

Easy-to-follow programmes

Your personalised programme designed by our HBS  Coaches to get you results while working with your schedule, equipment availability, and lifestyle.

Exercise Demo Videos

Expert guidance from the HBS team so you always know exactly what to do. Use our app to video your technique and get feedback from our coaches.

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image of progress chart

​​Progress Tracking

What gets measured gets managed. Use your online platform and app to track the results that matter to you such as strength, fitness and body composition.

Why Health by Science?

With Health by Science, the clue is in our name.

Everything we do is underpinned by Science. From the strategies we use with our clients to the quality improvement methodology, we apply to our business and our systems (see video below for more information).

This is why we have invested so much time and money into our education to become the best professionals we can be:

BSc Sports Science

Our coaches have studied at the University of Edinburgh and Napier University.

Consistent Results

Our coaches have got results with thousands of clients in rehab and high performance.

MSc Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists have studied at Queen Margaret and Napier University.


We are a team of Physios, Strength Coaches, PTs and Dieticians.

MSc Sports Performance

Our Strength Coaches have studied and researched at Napier University.

Experienced Experts

Collectively, our coaches have over 15 years of studying how to be the best.
image of ironman completion

Ironman Events

Within just 9 months Stuart was able to start training and go onto complete the Exmouth Half-Ironman and the Ironman in Pembrokeshire, Wales. He has since gone on to complete the Palma and Edinburgh Half-Ironman events.

Hearts FC Experience

Over a period of two years, Stuart worked at the Hearts FC academy, providing pitch side assistance and rehabilitation during the clinics at Riccarton.

Image of hearts fc logo
men's hockey u18s

Scottish Hockey

Over the course of 3 years, Ross worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach within men’s hockey. This included helping the Scottish Hockey u18s achieve a silver medal at the euros and aiding Grange hockey in their numerous national league and cup titles.

Hibs FC Experience

Jamie completed a year long Strength & Conditioning/Sport Science internship working with Hibernian F.C. Here, he worked with the first team, development squad and youth academy.

hibs fc logo

Jamie Henderson

Hi, I’m Jamie. My interest in human performance has stemmed from my early years of playing football right through to studying my Master’s degree in Sports Performance Enhancement. I have coached people running marathons, getting as strong as they possibly can in the gym and working with elite-level footballers.

I have completed a year-long Strength & Conditioning/Sport Science internship working with (Edinburgh’s finest football team) Hibernian F.C., where I worked with the first team, development squad and youth academy. I have also worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at semi-professional football teams including Selkirk FC and Leith Athletic FC. 

Ross Marwick

Hi, I’m Ross. With a decade of experience helping people improve their performance, you would maybe think the novelty may have worn off for me. However, being a self-confessed geek when it comes to Strength and Conditioning means that I am as passionate now as ever. 

I have been fortunate enough to have some brilliant experiences so far including; assisting in teaching multiple university undergraduate modules, working with Scottish hockey u18s culminating in a silver medal at the euros, working with Grange Hockey who won numerous national league and cup titles as well as working with athletes of a national level in Cricket, Triathlon, Netball and Golf.

Stuart Maytham

Hi, I’m Stuart one of the Physiotherapists here at Health by Science. I came up to Edinburgh from Bristol to study. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve spent 6 years studying two degrees at University, worked with hundreds of clients and managed to get some amazing experience working with top professionals at Hearts FC Academy and various sports clubs around Edinburgh.

Personally I’ve pushed myself both mentally and physically whilst completing the Exmouth Half-Ironman, Edinburgh Half-Ironman, Palma Half-Ironman and the Pembrokeshire Ironman.

Alex Nairn

Hi, I’m Alex, I started my fitness journey as a football player for Dunfermline Athletic and Dundee football club. I was 16 years old when I signed my first professional contract and was known throughout my career as a fast, tough-tackling defender (with an eye for a goal every now and then). Playing elite level sport has given Alex knowledge and experience of what is required to be a top athlete, and how to get there.

Craig Young

Hi, I’m Craig. I’ve always naturally been very skinny and found it very hard to build muscle & get stronger. However, by adopting the science-based principles of training & sports performance nutrition I’ve not only been able to transform my body & fitness but also lift weights I never thought possible. Furthermore, I’ve taken that same knowledge and applied it to help the people across Edinburgh become fitter & stronger than they have ever been. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

This is one of the most common questions we receive and for good reason. Everyone undertaking training should have an idea of what they would like to get out of it. 

That’s why we work with you to dial down into what really matters to you and what that will look like. When we know this then we can create a clear roadmap on how to achieve it. 

Although the answer to the question of what results you can expect will vary depending on your physiology, your goals and your behaviours it also depends on what you are willing to put into achieving these results.

What we can say for sure, is that whatever your goal you will notice improvements within the first few weeks.

How much contact can I expect from my coach?

You can contact your coach as much as you like and they will contact you back on a weekly basis at a specified time.

We believe knowledge is a key component to success, and with lots of contradicting information on the internet, our clients often have many questions. 

To ensure we are able to answer your questions accurately & effectively, we ask that you send over any questions in a short bullet-point format. Your coach will then read through your questions and respond at a specific time each week.

Are Health by Science qualified to give programming advice?

When it comes to becoming qualified to work in the health and fitness industry, the entry-level is set pretty low as coaches with zero experience can become qualified in 6 weeks. What makes Health by Science different is that we go above and beyond this required entry-level by some margin. Our coaches have completed Masters and First Class Honors degrees in Sport and Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, Higher National Diploma courses and specialist exercise certifications. 

But these qualifications don’t mean anything without the practical application and experience to back it up. So what really makes our coaches different, is their ability to use all of this experience and education and apply it in a programme that is tailored to your exact goals and preferences.

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