Weight Loss Programme

Lose weight and transform your body, health, and confidence.

Become the slimmest, fittest most confident version of YOU.

1-on-1  nutrition, physical activity and recovery coaching to get the most efficient results that last.

Personal Training £45 a session

Lose weight and transform your body and health.


66% of adults in the uk are overweight or obese


64% of us are trying to lose weight right now


Clients losing weight with our programme

Is it time to lose weight for good?

Most people follow popular health fads and unrealistic diets to lose weight.

Unfortunately, these people are setting themselves up for failure by trying to follow a plan that isn’t suited to their goals, lifestyle and/or preferences.

Fortunately, at Health by Science, we know what works for efficient and sustainable weight loss.

You’ll get the expert support, accountability and guidance you need to:

Eat Better Not Less

No unrealistic complicated diets. Just a plan specifically designed for your lifestyle.

Stress Free

A stress-free, simple, science-based guide to sustainable weight loss.

Get results

Get efficient results for your hard work with our expert guidance.

Health Professional

Your own health professional to guide you through the process.



Allow us to break down the process into simple actionable steps for best results.


Lose weight to improve your body image but also your health and quality of life.


I’ve been working with Jamie since Feb 2019 and moved to Health by Science with him. I love working out at their gym, everyone’s super welcoming and friendly.

Jamie always has our sessions really well planned so we make the most of our time. He’s a great coach who is great at encouraging and motivating me to get the best out of our workouts! I couldn’t have made these changes without Jamie’s support!


“Monitoring improvement in the gym is absolutely brilliant but for me this is the real prize. I’ve spent the last 13 days basically living in a bikini and not once have I felt self-conscious or uncomfortable.

I would not have shared this if it wasn’t for all the teaching and motivation Jamie from Health by Science gives me every week – the boy works miracles!”


“From working with Stuart from Health by Science I’ve been able to lose 25kg of body fat.”


Lucy used to think that people like her weren’t meant to exercise. She had no confidence in her physical abilities, let alone in herself.

From working with Health By Science, Lucy has achieved results she never thought was possible. She now views exercise completely differently, and believes people like her need exercise in their lives.


Over a 12 month period, David managed to lose over 10kg and record his lowest and healthiest weight in the last 25 years.


Training for weight loss and performance simultaneously is no easy task, however, the dedication and commitment Martin has shown to his training and nutrition in preparation for the 2019 Edinburgh Half Marathon has allowed him to achieve two goals that many would struggle to achieve when only focussing on one.


I attended a consultation with Jamie the day before my 30th birthday and I haven’t looked back! Jamie has been a brilliant trainer! I have actually come to enjoy exercise and look forward to our weekly PT session.

He has me lifting weights I never thought possible and always pushes me to do my best. The second pic is the result of 10/11 weeks of consistent exercise (2-3 times per week) and good nutrition (actual food, no crazy diets or meal replacements). I can confidently say I am proud of my achievement and so far and I feel happy and most importantly I feel healthy!


From working with Health by Science during a corporate wellbeing programme Mark has lost over two stone.


After giving birth to twins I wanted to get my shape back and Ross from Health by Science helped me to do just that.


When Paul started with Health by Science he weighed just 47kg. Here he is back squatting 120kg!

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30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

We’re serious, if you don’t get the results expected we will refund you.

An image of recording nutrition

Easy-to-follow nutrition plan

Your personalised nutrition designed by our HBS  Coaches to get you results while working with your schedule, preferences, and lifestyle.

Exercise Demo Videos

Expert guidance from the HBS team so you always know exactly what to do. Use our app to video your technique and get feedback from our coaches.

image of exercise demo
Image showing weight loss progress

​​Progress Tracking

What gets measured gets managed. Use your online platform and app to track the results that matter to you such as weight, hip and weight circumference and fitness.


Why Health by Science?

With Health by Science, the clue is in our name.

Everything we do is underpinned by Science. From the strategies we use with our clients to the quality improvement methodology, we apply to our business and our systems (see video below for more information).

This is why we have invested so much time and money into our education to become the best professionals we can be:

BSc Sports Science

Our coaches have studied at the University of Edinburgh and Napier University.

Consistent Results

Our coaches have got results with thousands of clients in rehab and high performance.


MSc Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists have studied at Queen Margaret and Napier University.


We are a team of Physios, Strength Coaches, PTs and Dieticians.

MSc Sports Performance

Our Strength Coaches have studied and researched at Napier University.

Experienced Experts

Collectively, our coaches have over 15 years of studying how to be the best.

Jamie Henderson

Hi, I’m Jamie, one of the coaches here at Health by Science. With over 5 years of experience coaching hundreds of clients ranging from stroke survivors to elite professional athletes, I am guaranteed to help you reach your goals. I ran my own business as a Personal Trainer whilst attaining two Sport Science degrees and working within elite sport, until joining the most forward-thinking group of Personal Trainers Edinburgh has to offer.

Ross Marwick

Hi, I’m Ross, one of the coaches here at Health by Science. When it comes to losing weight I often hear people say things like “it’s just a case of calories in vs calories out”. While this may be true in a scientific sense it is extremely unhelpful and misses the real challenges.

With a decade of experience helping hundreds of people lose weight, I know first hand just how hard this can be and I also understand that any successful program involves much more than just a blanket recommendation. It is for these reasons that I aim to work with each client by guiding and supporting them towards sustainable changes.

Stuart Maytham

Having helped people to successfully lose weight for over 10 years I’ve learnt from personal experience and research into human behaviour change, it’s that the most effective approach for sustainable weight loss is a strong reason for wanting to lose, improved self-awareness, self-compassion and coach to guide you through the process.

That’s what we’ve created here at Health by Science.


Alex Nairn

Hi, I’m Alex. When I’m trying to help clients achieve weight loss, one of the key factors I use is not placing restrictions. From my experience with helping clients lose weight I have found adding to their lifestyle is more successful than taking away.

For example, rather than forbidding treats, I look to add more food variety. This leads to clients naturally reducing treats as healthy alternatives are increased. Techniques like this help make my client’s weight loss journey an easier, as well as an enjoyable experience!

Craig Young

Hi, I’m Craig. On paper weight loss sounds pretty simple, right? “Eat less & move more –  that’s all you have to do”. Whilst that’s correct, it’s also not very helpful. I’m sure we all know how weight loss works, but it’s making weight loss work for you that’s the tough part, and that’s where I come in. 

There is no one size fits all approach for weight loss, and that’s why I adapt my approach to taking your own individual needs & preferences into account. For me weight loss isn’t about restricting your food & drink choices, it’s about finding a good balance where you can still enjoy the foods you like, but have them in a manner that’s conducive to weight loss. I mean let’s be realistic here if you can’t have a bacon roll or a Mcdonalds every now and then, what the point?!

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

This is one of the most common questions we receive and for good reason. Everyone undertaking training should have an idea of what they would like to get out of it. 

That’s why we work with you to dial down into what really matters to you and what that will look like. When we know this then we can create a clear roadmap on how to achieve it. 

Although the answer to the question of what results you can expect will vary depending on your physiology, your goals and your behaviours it also depends on what you are willing to put into achieving these results.

What we can say for sure, is that whatever your goal you will notice improvements within the first few weeks.

How much contact can I expect from my coach?

You can contact your coach as much as you like and they will contact you back on a weekly basis at a specified time.

We believe knowledge is a key component to success, and with lots of contradicting information on the internet, our clients often have many questions. 

To ensure we are able to answer your questions accurately & effectively, we ask that you send over any questions in a short bullet-point format. Your coach will then read through your questions and respond at a specific time each week.

Are Health by Science qualified to give nutrition advice?

No matter what goal a client has, HBS understands the importance nutrition plays. With over 50 years of experience between the team, HBS has a vast knowledge base on the complexity that is nutrition.

Members of HBS have completed renowned nutrition courses such as Precision Nutrition and Body Type Nutrition. Courses such as these have developed the understanding of both the science and the psychology associated with nutrition.

HBS supports clients lose weight through 3 key areas: consistency, quality and quantity. Consistency refers to maintaining good nutritional habits long term, quality is about eating high nutrient-dense food and quantity is a focus on the number of calories consumed. 

HBS also has access to an NHS registered dietician who has expertise in more complex issues.

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