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Edinburgh Physiotherapy

Health by Science Physiotherapy treatments with our qualified, certified Physiotherapist in Edinburgh

A person-centred approach to restoring movement and function

One-to-One Physio

£45 per hour

  • Reduce your pain
  • Improve your knowledge about your injury
  • Improve your understanding of how you can help prevent your pain coming back
  • Get back to being your best with our load management programme
  • Receive a mobility assessment, strength assessment and individualised movement treatment plan
  • Follow up £35


When to access physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help to restore function and movement if you are impacted by injury, illness or disability. The effective physio may also assist in the reduction of future illnesses or injuries.

The Health by Science holistic philosophy leans towards patient involvement at every stage of your care plan. Our physiotherapy clinic based in Edinburgh is led by Stuart Maytham who has supported hundreds of clients and patients to improve their health and find a renewed sense of purpose in their lives.


When are physiotherapy treatments suitable?

Physio is suited to a wide range of individuals of all different ages, injuries, illnesses or other health conditions. Typically, physiotherapy treats:

  • Soft tissues, joints and bones that may be causing pain and discomfort in the neck area, back and spinal column, shoulders and legs.
  • Breathing and poor lung function including cystic fibrosis or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Organ recovery such as heart rehabilitation recovery from a heart attack
  • Nervous system and neurological problems resulting from a stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

Health by Science physiotherapy supports the prevention of future injury and can improve physical and mental health.

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Physiotherapy Edinburgh

Our physiotherapist treatments may work well in conjunction with your regular medications and alternative therapies that support the overall improvements in your health and wellbeing. These elements contribute to your overall care plan.

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What will our physiotherapy treatment do?

Rather than focusing on a specific area of your body that might be suffering from pain, injury or incapacity, we include your whole body as part of the physio and recovery process.

Our approach may include any of the following:

Manual therapies – This is where we use physical touch to help relieve discomforts from stiffness and pain that results in improved flexibility and movement of your body

Professional advice and education – We discuss your day to day activity and how this may be impacting your body. Here we focus on posture and demonstrate techniques that will help prevent future injury

Individual activity and movement plans – Here we include mobility and daily exercise plans designed to strengthen your body and improve your general health

Mindset – Understanding a little about how you think and approach daily activity and what can be done to improve your personal environment


Accessing physiotherapy in Edinburgh and Scotland

Your GP may offer a referral for physiotherapy via the NHS. There is often considerable waiting times via this access method. Health by Science allows you to access treatment quickly, which is especially important when you are suffering from pain or stiffness that impacts your daily life.

Our initial consultation includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your needs where we begin to understand your pain and discomfort
  • A personalised treatment plan based around our shared understanding of your condition
  • Our private physiotherapy rehabilitation facility here at 98 Giles St, Edinburgh
  • State of the art equipment

We can help those suffering from Neuromusculoskeletal injuries

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