Reduce Your Pain, Improve Your Function and Get Back to Your Best.

Get back to a pain-free and more confident version of YOU.

You show us where it hurts, we’ll help you get better.

Are you ready to reduce your pain and get back to normal?

Your GP may offer a referral for Physiotherapy via the NHS but unfortunately there are often considerable waiting times.

Health by Science allows you to access treatment quickly, which is especially important when you are suffering from pain or stiffness that impacts your daily life.

Our Physiotherapy isn’t just about improving your pain – it’s about getting back to your best and minimising the risk of you getting injured again in the future.

During your initial consultation you will:


Build your confidence

in your body to live life the way you want to.


Be more independent

by improving your walking and coping strategies.


Become more resilient

improve your strength both mentally and physically.


Minimise your risk

of getting injured again in the future.


Improved understanding

by learning how resilient and adaptive your brain and body are.


Get back on track

by working hard on a rehabilitation plan designed specifically for you.


45% of adults have musculoskeletal pain.


25% of people have two or more long-term conditions


33% of adults suffer from back pain each year

Meet Your Physiotherapist

Stuart Maytham

Stuart Maytham

For the past 5 years, I’ve helped stroke survivors to achieve things which they never thought would be possible, just like in the videos above. Whether that’s drinking a cup of tea again or running a half-marathon.

There are very few guarantees with Stroke rehabilitation but if you work hard and apply the science-based principles then you give yourself the best chance of maximising your rehabilitation improvements. One small, but significant step at a time.

This is where I come in. I can help you improve your health and understand what you need to do in order to move closer towards your goal, whatever that may be.


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Here’s what you get with HBS Physiotherapy:

image of a book

Easy to follow lessons

on how physical activity, nutrition and recovery are key to your recovery.

image of physio rehab

Safe, effective rehabilitation

programmes designed by our Physiotherapist in line with your specific goals and current mobility levels.

image of a man icon

Person-centred coaching

that means that all of your coaching sessions and resources are created specifically for YOU.

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