Private Physiotherapy in Portishead and Edinburgh

Reduce your pain and get back to normal today.

You show us where it hurts, we’ll get you better.

Reduce your pain and get back to normal with a Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment at our state of the art facilities.


Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment £45

Reduce your pain and get back to normal today.


In 2017 Jane had a microdiscectomy. When she got in touch with Health by Science she could only go for a few weeks without pain but had the goal of building up her confidence in order to go Skiing again which is a very meaningful goal to her.

With a person-centred rehabilitation programme, Jane has built up her self-efficacy (belief in her ability to use her back in varied activities) to the point where she is ready to go Skiing this February.

Rowan Gray

“I woke up on a Saturday morning struggling to move as I’d done something to my back.

Googled anywhere near me that could do a sports massage that day and found these little heroes!

Stuart managed to fit me in for a physio appointment/sports massage within 3 hours and was lovely.

Felt so much better afterwards and it was very reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend! Worth every penny!


“For me it’s been one improvement after another, I started in October last year and it’s given me confidence to challenge myself and it’s been great.”

David Meadows

“I booked an appointment with Health by Science after hearing great things.

I’ve had one appointment and fully understand why they’re highly regarded. I was immediately greeted by courteous and professional staff and assessed by the very knowledgeable Ross.

He explained the reasons why I was tight and experiencing pain while performing the sports massage. After our session, I felt the obvious benefits in my movement and flexibility. He offered aftercare be providing information on how to prevent reoccurring issues.

I highly recommend Health by Science.”


Rachel came to us with a classic bad back that she had learnt to live with and just about tolerate. Through a better understanding of her pain and gradually exposing herself to physical challenges, she is stronger and more robust than ever.


“I wanted to get better running and reduce my risk of injury and from working with Health by Science I instantly I felt an improvement in my running and far fewer injuries.”

Andrew Brock

Scottish cricket player Andrew suffered a right knee meniscus tear. Following months of rehab and dedication, Andrew is now stronger than he was before the injury and is now back playing the sport he loves.

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45% of adults live with treatable aches and pains.


100% of customsers feel better after their first appointment.

Are you ready to reduce your pain and get back to normal?

Your GP may offer a referral for Physiotherapy via the NHS but unfortunately there are often considerable waiting times.

Health by Science allows you to access treatment quickly, which is especially important when you are suffering from pain or stiffness that impacts your daily life.

Our Physiotherapy isn’t just about improving your pain – it’s about getting back to your best and minimising the risk of you getting injured again in the future.

During your initial consultation you will:


Build your confidence

in your body to live life the way you want to.


Improve your understanding

of why you’re in pain and what can help.


Get back on track

with a rehab plan tailored to you and your pain.

Meet Your Physiotherapist

Stuart Maytham

Stuart Maytham

Hi I’m Stuart, one of the Physiotherapists here at Health by Science.

Whilst studying Physiotherapy, my hospital placements provided me with a key insight into the clinical importance of regular healthy behaviours for both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at the Heart of Midlothian Football Club Academy in Edinburgh also provided me with great experience in an elite-level sporting institution.

My pursuit to help maximise people’s quality of lives has allowed me to spot numerous opportunities. I am one of only a few stroke survivor trainers in Scotland for ARNI (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury), a charity set up to offer support to stroke survivors suffering from physical and mental health issues after they have been discharged from the NHS.


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Here’s what you get:

pain relief icon

Pain relief

to help you feel better immediately before we work on helping you prevent the pain coming back.

image of physio rehab

Safe, effective rehabilitation

programmes designed by our Physiotherapist in line with your specific goals and current mobility.

image of a man icon

Person-centred care

that means that all of your treatment sessions and solutions are created specifically for YOU.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Portishead, England