Peak Performance Strength


Improve your strength, knowledge and confidence in the gym with our 8-week programme.


Use Our Easy To Follow, 8-Week Programme To Maximise Your Strength Gains And Become A Master In The Gym!


Buy Our Peak Performance Strength Programme and gain access to the following:

  • 8-weeks of strength workouts
  • Spreadsheet to help you log every workout and track your progress
  • 22 pages of strength knowledge to help you get the most from the programme
  • A complete exercise video library of all exercises in every workout.
  • Exercise substitutions for every exercise to help you adapt the programme to you and your preferences
  • No fluff, just proven methods that make the best use of your time in the gym.


Why Health by Science?

At Health By Science, we have experience helping hundreds of people improve their performance and get strong.

Through our guidance and coaching, we are proud to say that we have people setting personal bests on a weekly basis!

The principles don’t change when it comes to improving strength and that is why we are able to help anyone achieve their strength potential.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with professional athletes from Scottish hockey, netball and Hibernian FC to recreational athletes in sports ranging from golf and triathlons to roller derby and ultimate frisbee!