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If you receive any Physiotherapy for your pain, you can feel better for a short time. However, if you do not address the underlying cause, you may be more likely experience pain and discomfort again in the future.

The best Physiotherapists in Edinburgh will not only help reduce your pain but also help to minimise the risk of re-injury and pain in the future.


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Initial Assessment £40

45-60 minutes

  • Reduce your pain
  • Improve your knowledge about your injury
  • Improve your understanding of how you can help prevent your pain coming back
  • Get back to being your best with our load management programme
  • Receive a mobility assessment, strength assessment and individualised movement treatment plan

Active Listening

Before we do anything, we listen. Everyone’s pain and discomfort is unique and only by actively listening to you and your history, are we able to get you back in control.

The is the key ingredient behind our Physiotherapy Patient Centred Approach. This is why all of our Physiotherapy staff are trained in Motivational Interviewing, which provides us with the skillset necessary to listen effectively.


Advice and Education

Before we begin your physiotherapy treatment it’s important that you understand why you’re in pain, how you can minimise your risk of further injury and most importantly, what you can do right now to relieve the pain.

Pain is extremely complex with a huge number of factors influencing its severity including movement, nutrition, sleep, stress and your mindset. Simply by improving your understanding around pain and what it is and is not can help you begin to feel better immediately.

Load Management

After your initial Physiotherapy assessment and advice and education, we begin your treatment. Unless a referral or immobilisation is required, we usually begin by helping you to load your area injury in a carefully controlled manner in conjunction with some mobilisation exercises. This allows you to begin relieving your pain and facilitate your body’s natural recovery process.


Get Stronger

In order to help minimise the risk of your injury coming back, it’s important to increase your physical capacity. We do this in a fun and engaging way to increase your confidence and ability get back to doing the things you love doing. While Physiotherapy can become expensive for some, we offer group based rehabilitation classes with people suffering with conditions just like you. This helps you to recovery quicker at a fraction of the price.