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Strength & Conditioning Class, Edinburgh

Maximise your performance. Minimise your risk of injury.


6-Week Programme

£69 (or the price of compression calf tights and sleeves)

  • Learn proper and safe technique from S&C experts
  • A personalised approach in a small group setting
  • Work with our physiotherapist on improving your robustness
  • Train in our new state of the art, private facility
  • Free training shirt and bottle
  • Open to all experience levels

The benefits of strength training for health and performance is well documented. Unfortunately, the opportunity for strength and conditioning training both effectively and safely with qualified, experienced coaches is very rare.

During the six week course we will cover the following:

Setting up your strength training Programme

  • We’ll show you how to create and implement an effective training programme through an evidence-based approach
  • Movement breakdown: Single Leg, Posterior Chain, Lower Limb, Upper Body

How to monitor your training

  • Managing your time
  • Assessing your strength and weaknesses
  • Applying key principles of training 

Recovery Strategies

  • How stress and rest impact performance 
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Optimising sleep
  • Tracking recovery

This January we’re starting a strength and conditioning class in Edinburgh (S&C). If you want to maximise your performance and minimise your risk of injury click below to book a free consultation.