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Ease your discomfort, reduce your stress and maximise your recovery.

You show us where it hurts, we’ll get you better.

Just imagine how it would feel if you could…


Get rid of your aches and pains


Relax and unwind from all of life's stressors


Finally take time to invest in YOU



Sports Massage from just £45

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Rowan Gray

Woke up on a Saturday morning struggling to move as I’d done something to my back.

Googled anywhere near me that could do a sports massage that day and found these little heroes!

Stuart managed to fit me in for a physio appointment/sports massage within 3 hours and was lovely.

Felt so much better afterwards and it was very reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend! Worth every penny!

Patricia MaClure

This was my first sports massage.

I wasn’t quite sure what to really expect or if it would actually help my stiff and painful neck/shoulder. It helped massively.

After my session with Ross, who was friendly and experienced, I had way more movement and much less pain which meant I could drive again. Thank you, Ross, you worked wonders.

Patrick Lamont

Had a sports massage with Health by Science, the first time I’ve ever had a massage and it was great.

Professional service, good facilities and quite straight up – no incense sticks or anything! Will go back for sure and would definitely recommend.

David Meadows

I booked an appointment with Health by Science after hearing great things.

I’ve had one appointment and fully understand why they’re highly regarded. I was immediately greeted by courteous and professional staff and assessed by the very knowledgeable Ross.

He explained the reasons why I was tight and experiencing pain while performing the sports massage. After our session, I felt the obvious benefits in my movement and flexibility. He offered aftercare be providing information on how to prevent reoccurring issues.

I highly recommend Health by Science.

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Are you ready to get rid of your aches and pains?

Stress from sport, injury, or the many strains of everyday life can be taxing on your sympathetic nervous system.

A professional sports massage can help you feel better by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system, which has scientifically-proven benefits to help improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

You’ll get the treatment and support you need to:

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Pain relief

to help you feel better immediately before we work on helping you prevent the pain coming back.

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Reduce Stress

by leaving your worries at home and prioritise your own self-care.

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Person-centred care

that means that all of your treatment sessions and solutions are created specifically for YOU.

Marisa Dawes

Hi, I’m Marisa, one of the sports massage therapists at Health by Science. I have a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and am passionate about helping others stay active and feeling good!

Since gaining a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy I have worked with a variety of people, of differing ages and activity levels. This has allowed me to establish a person-centred approach for administering therapy, follow up care and activity recommendations. I also have experience working with athletes, providing treatments for sports injury rehabilitation and guidance on injury prevention strategies. 

Ross Kilgour

Hi I’m Ross and I made a switch from working in a corporate environment to pursue a career to work with people.

Since qualifying as a Sports Massage Therapist I have worked with a variety of patients with different issues from working with patients with chronic pain to athletes recovering from injury.

I’m currently finishing the 2nd year of my undergraduate degree in Podiatry from Queen Margret University. I’ve got a keen interest in muscular-skeletal injuries and helping patients return to an active lifestyle.

It’s fair to say my coaching style and approach has proven to be adaptable & extensive – much like my joke library. If you would like to work with a coach who takes a person-centred approach and will help you achieve your goals with the most efficient & effective method – then get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

This is one of the most common questions we receive and for good reason. Everyone undertaking training should have an idea of what they would like to get out of it. 

That’s why we work with you to dial down into what really matters to you and what that will look like. When we know this then we can create a clear roadmap on how to achieve it. 

Although the answer to the question of what results you can expect will vary depending on your physiology, your goals and your behaviours it also depends on what you are willing to put into achieving these results.

What we can say for sure, is that whatever your goal you will notice improvements within the first few weeks.

How much contact can I expect from my coach?

You can contact your coach as much as you like and they will contact you back on a weekly basis at a specified time.

We believe knowledge is a key component to success, and with lots of contradicting information on the internet, our clients often have many questions. 

To ensure we are able to answer your questions accurately & effectively, we ask that you send over any questions in a short bullet-point format. Your coach will then read through your questions and respond at a specific time each week.

Are Health by Science qualified to give health advice?

When it comes to becoming qualified to work in the health and fitness industry, the entry-level is set pretty low as coaches with zero experience can become qualified in 6 weeks. What makes Health by Science different is that we go above and beyond this required entry-level by some margin.

Our coaches have completed Masters and First Class Honors degrees in Sport and Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, Higher National Diploma courses and specialist exercise certifications. 

But these qualifications don’t mean anything without the practical application and experience to back it up. So what really makes our coaches different, is their ability to use all of this experience and education and apply it in a programme that is tailored to your exact goals and preferences.

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