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Alison Browne

Project Manager, Edinburgh

Alison Browne

I was looking to work with a personal trainer who could help me maintain movement around an osteoarthritic hip while I was away from my regular trainer, prior to a hip replacement surgery. I was referred to Health by Science who, over the course of the 8 months worked with me, to improve flexibility and strength in the muscles surrounding the hip and allow me to be in considerably less pain, both muscularly and in the joint – both major issues for those with osteoarthritis.

During workouts, they were very professional in their manner, and creative in the exercises they gave me, constantly trying new ones to suss out the viability of the muscles and joint. They were also very good at explaining what was happening with the various muscles, and figuring out why I might be in some pain with a particular movement or exercise. At the same time he was also very cautious not to exceed any pain thresholds!

At times, it felt like I was taking baby steps, which was very frustrating, but they were always very encouraging. I went from being in considerable pain when I started working with them to feeling almost normal again.