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Becka Subido


Becka SubidoSimply put, I came to Health by Science in April because I wanted to look good! With previous personal trainers I would get some results and plateau soon after. I would end up feeling unhappy with how I looked, I never felt like I was getting any stronger and found the eating goals they set (if any) were extremely unachievable!

Over Christmas/new year I was abroad visiting family and looking back at the photos I was shocked at my appearance. I had put on a lot of weight. I knew I would be returning over the summer and this time I wasn’t going to let this happen.

Health by Science explain exactly WHY I am doing something whether it’s my deadlift technique or taking in more protein and it’s all backed up with SCIENCE (which I really like but don’t worry, it’s not pushed down your throat!) Knowing why is something I wasn’t used to with other trainers and this has helped me with my goals. I’m not aimlessly running for hours on the treadmill or a million low weight reps on the leg press machine but instead, I spend less time in the gym and getting better results than before.

They have taught me a new way of approaching nutrition and this more mindful way is a much more achievable and sustainable whatever my timetable. I now feel far more confident left alone in the gym especially now I can lift more than most guys! And even after saying that I’d never do a ‘fun run’, I did the Bing Blazer 10k obstacle race with Stuart and actually found it quite…fun!

I have now been let loose in the Philippines with a body weight routine and the know how to keep up this healthy lifestyle outwith the gym.

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