Ceiran Eaglesfield

Trainee Accountant at J.P. Morgan, London

Ceiran Eaglesfield

For years I have been a member of the gym but have only ever used the cardio equipment because, before training with Health by Science, the thought of walking into the weights room on my own was far too daunting.

But being a keen runner and very susceptible to injury I decided that I wanted to start doing weights to hopefully improve my running (and to finally get the most out of my gym membership). So I decided that a personal trainer would be the best way to learn and help me build the confidence I needed to make use of the ever-intimidating weights room.

What is great is that they give you the control to make the decisions about what will work best for you, which, for me meant I was still able to stay on top of nutrition and training even with my crazy and unpredictable work hours.

The amount that I have learnt over the last few months while training with Health by Science is crazy. When they aren’t in the gym, I’m almost certain you can find them with their heads in a book somewhere.

What’s great is Health by Science are always keen to share with me information as and when it is important for me to know, which saved me from reading over complicated articles that I was never going to understand.

All in all training with Health by Science has been absolutely fab.