Christopher Maytham

Legal Executive, Bristol

Christopher Maytham

I decided to do an ironman triathlon and was starting from scratch having done very little fitness training for years. I also had very little knowledge of triathlon events or of the importance of nutrition before I started training with Health by Science.

I was really impressed with the amount of research they did into training for the specific event that I was doing and he used this along with the vast range of other training and nutritional knowledge that they already possessed, to come up with a training plan that suited my specific needs.

They then followed that up by regularly checking on the progress that I had made (without judging!) and helped to identify factors that were limiting my progress. This meant that he could adapt the training plan to overcome these factors and fit the training around my constantly changing schedule.

I was really impressed by Health by Science’s professional and thorough approach. I was expecting advice just on training, but they also gave me loads of advice on nutrition (which turns out to be just as important as the training) and even helped me to recover from an injury just in time for the race.

They explained everything I needed to know clearly and patiently, in as much detail as I required, which allowed me to understand why I was doing each part of training without being overwhelmed with information.

Their positive attitude and their passion and enthusiasm for what they do gave me motivation when I really needed it. Their guidance, encouragement and support were absolutely invaluable and thanks to this I managed to achieve my goal of completing the Ironman triathlon.