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David Gray

David Gray

I’m in my early forties and was previously very fit but now struggle to keep fit due to a combination of will power, family-time and work!

Someone to tailor a program to meet my aims within the time available to me. The initial focus was on shoulder rehabilitation and to work routines around this – managing a previous knee cartilage operation and ensuring technique is correct to reduce the risk of injury.

Health by Science have developed programmes to suit me and adjust them as necessary following regular communication. I am very confident in Health by Science’s technical know-how and they quickly adapt exercises after my feedback.

One of the best things about working with these guys is their ability to develop bespoke routines by applying technical knowledge, whilst communicating these well and supporting this with regular monitoring. They were also able to organise a remote set-up which works well but crucially there is always the option of a face-to-face session at key times.