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Gorkem Gokyigit

Wealth Management Specialist

Gorkem Gokyigit

I have never been a stranger to the gym, but I never got I wanted to get out of it. It got to that point where I felt like all my efforts were not worth it and I was just wasting my time. I know I needed more structure and someone to guide and help me achieve my aims.

As someone who leads an incredibly busy lifestyle, I was intrigued by how Health by Science couple pure exercise with things that are outside of working out such as sleep, stress and mindset.

It is very apparent that a lot of thought and planning that goes into each session, which utilizes the time well. Moreover, Health by Science have a lot of tools in their box; it is obvious that they are very knowledgeable and have clarified a lot of exercise and nutrition areas that I was skeptical about. Due to the careful planning around my aims, I have achieved so much more than I thought I could and it is great knowing that my results are sustainable. All the guys are very easy going and friendly. Their approachability has enabled me to try out loads of new things and their proficiency helped to keep me injury-free. The sessions are always hard work with an element of fun which keeps things much more pleasant and enjoyable.

After finding out that I am a keen hockey player, Health by Science gave me guidelines to help me improve my endurance and recovery time. As a result, my game fitness has improved so much that even my team-mates and coaches have noticed it! I truly believe Health by Science have joined me on my journey and have gone above and beyond to help me not only reach my potential but also exceed it.

There is an overwhelming amount of fitness and nutrition information around and you do not know what to follow or believe! What I have learned is that it is best to leave it to the professionals who know you and see your progression each week to give you the best guidelines to take home with you.

I recommend Health by Science without reservation.

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