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James Stirling

Trainee Wealth Management Specialist, Edinburgh

James Stirling

I have always kept myself fit and healthy but found it very difficult to put on the muscle size that I wanted. With Health by Science’s program including personalised nutrition advice I put on noticeable size quickly. I reached my goal weight in December and have been so happy with the results that I am still currently training with them.

Relaxed trainers but extremely motivational, Health by Science have allowed me to see results quickly. Not only have put on the size that I wanted but also but this had been balanced with completing my conditioning goals also.

The knowledge that I have learnt during my sessions with Health by Science has given me the confidence and skills required to not only maintain my current fitness but also to reach the new goals I have set myself. I feel the sessions with Health by Science have been an extremely worthwhile investment in my well-being.

Overall, Health by Science provide a comprehensive personal training experience and I have been extremely happy with the results.