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Lucy Campbell

Private Chef

I am a busy working mum who has always had a slim build but I was looking to build strength and muscle tone. I regularly worked out at the gym but was looking for a more targeted approach to my training and guidance from someone who could show me new, different exercises and ensure that I was doing them correctly.

I did a lot of extensive online searches on personal trainers in Edinburgh and Health By Science stood out because of their holistic approach to training. As a private chef nutrition is very important to me and I am a big believer in treating food as more than just fuel for your body – the better the quality of food you put into your body, then the more effective your training will be. They also focuses on other contributing lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep. As a mum of a completely mad 3 year old I can definitely see how my diet and training programme is affected when I am sleep deprived and exhausted! I think the all-round approach that Health By Science take to training their clients is a refreshing change from simply focusing on the physical side of things and leads to more lasting results.

They provide a bespoke training programme that is specifically tailored to my personal fitness goals. These goals have had to change quite radically as I fell pregnant again a few months after I started training! They have adapted my training programme to accommodate my changing shape brilliantly. They have also been mindful of all other pregnancy side effects which has been really helpful. I wanted to make sure that I was still able to exercise throughout my pregnancy and maintain a level of fitness and having someone there to ensure that I don’t harm myself or the baby in the process had been very reassuring.

I am very much looking forward to improving on my pre pregnancy shape and fitness levels after the baby is born and I am fully confident that he is up to the job of training me to achieve my goal – I’m aiming to look like a Victoria’s Secret model by Christmas. No pressure…!

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