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Lynn Moir

Self-employed Marketing Consultant and Mum of 3

Lynn Moir3 years ago I had a brain haemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm. The rupture happened while I was working out at the gym doing push ups and I was given very long odds of survival and recovery. I was 37- fit, healthy – and exercised 3 times per week. I was critically ill and had emergency brain surgery and a further surgery 5 months later to complete the repair. My recovery was slow both physically and mentally and chronic fatigue meant that even the smallest effort would leave me exhausted.

However, all the sitting around (and a lot of chocolate) meant that I had put on just over 3 stone in 2 years. I was terrified to step inside a gym never-mind work out or do push ups again. I was looking for a trainer that looked at the whole person not just the exercise part and thought the rounded approach Health By Science takes might be for me.

Health By Science have helped me make some significant changes in the last 10 months. In the beginning it was about weight loss and gaining back the confidence to return to exercise. But it’s gone way beyond that and by working with Alex (at Health by Science) I have gained the confidence and physical ability to rediscovered my love for outdoor activities and now canoe and climb on a regular basis. I am told I have a mean deadlift which is not something I thought I would ever hear said about me pre-aneurysm, never mind now.

I swim, run and much to my daughters’ chagrin borrow her scooter given a chance. I have lost 4 stone so far and now weigh a healthy BMI but in many ways that’s a bonus – the biggest change has been my ability to enjoy doing the things I love again and buying a whole new wardrobe was quite nice too. My next challenge is to canoe the length of Loch Lomond and climb Ben Lomond over 2 days this September.

I would recommend the team at Health by Science to anyone serious about making a complete lifestyle change. Alex has supported me along the way and given sound advice and lots of encouragement especially when my confidence would wobble. His progressive plan has meant I have made many small gains over a long period but by seeing progress each week I have stayed motivated.

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