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Steven Smith

Operations Manager

Steven Smith

I have always been relatively fit, but I struggled to actually stick to a healthy workout regime long-term.

I got in touch with Health by Science when I realised that I was never going to achieve decent results on my own: workouts were too boring and random – and for that reason, not very effective. Anyone who struggles with the gym because it’s boring, or because the motivation eventually wanes, will immediately solve that problem by training with these guys.

Having a 1:1 relationship with someone you trust lets you cut out all the noise you can read on the internet, and focus on working hard to get the results you’re after. Health by Science are absolute experts in exercise and nutrition, but their real skill is knowing which parts are relevant to the specific client and which aren’t. Whether you want to go through a session without thinking too hard, or want to understand each detail of what you’re up to, the guys are totally flexible and will match your style. The support is personal, professional, and flexible. My energy, general fitness and diet have significantly improved in the last few months: and what works best is that the approach is built around sustainability – not quick fixes. The changes you make will stay with you.