If you’re reading this, there’s probably a good chance that you…


– Want to lose weight


– Have avoided physical activity because of niggling injuries or a lack of confidence


– Have been confused or overwhelmed by the huge amount of weight loss misinformation on the web


– Are unsure of what’s best for efficient and sustainable weight loss.


– Have felt like this after a long day…

… If any of these sound familiar to you, you are not alone. And you’re definitely in the right place.


When you break it down, weight loss is simple, consume fewer calories then you burn each day and voila, weight loss goal achieved.

Energy balance - weight loss

Actually no.

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past decade you’ll appreciate that weight loss is much more complicated than that. As demonstrated by this crazy diagram.

weight loss system complexity

But let’s say that you have all the right knowledge on how to lose weight, there is another reason we struggle to change our nutrition habits. This has to do with the way our brains and environments work to influence our behaviours.


It turns out that human cognition works a little bit like an elephant and a rider.

elephant and rider

The rider is the “thinky brain” of logic and reason and requires deliberate mental effort to use. An example of your rider at work is cooking a nice meal or planning and preparing your nutrition for the week ahead. The rider tries to control the elephant and succeeds – for a while…


The elephant – massive, strong and powerful – is the primal, emotional brain that will eventually get the best of the rider, especially as the rider tires. An example of your emotional elephant overpowering your rider is when you’re tired, stressed and someone brings in some tasty treats into your work, which you just can’t say no to.


So how can you strengthen your rider and tame your elephant?


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The Importance of Tracking Nutrition: Are You a Secret Eater?


To make effective changes we have to be observant. Observation is an important source of learning while trying to improve. There are some weaknesses, however, with relying on observation alone.


Our mind filters observations. We often observe only what we want to or expect to observe. We may not remember certain actions of ourselves such as eating the doughnut but will notice those actions in friends and family.

A great example of this phenomenon is the TV show “Secret Eaters”. In this programme, the eating habits of overweight families, desperate to lose weight are scrutinised under 24-hour surveillance to discover if they are secret eaters.


During the programme, the same story unfolds. Every family is convinced that they eat healthily but their oversized meals and secret snacks suggest otherwise. This is a great example of us selectively remembering the foods we want or expect, as opposed to the ones we actually ate.


So are you a secret eater?


Regularly updating some sort of log or diary which records how your change attempt is progressing is the best way to judge how a change is working for you. Much better than relying on observation alone.


Our present observations are also affected by our past observations, especially those in the immediate past. A weight loss of 1lb in a week will feel like a failure if the previous week’s weight loss was 5lbs. Having a log or diary to look back on can help us realise how far we’ve come and keep us motivated to keep making positive changes.


The Single Most Effective Way to Start Losing Weight


Tracking your nutrition allows you to engage your rider and improve your awareness of just how wild your emotional elephant is.

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